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MP3 audio is available for each article in the Statement of Faith.  Click here for a list of those links.

Independence Baptist adopted the New Hampshire Confession of Faith when we were organized into a church under the authority of Faith Baptist Church of Lynn, Arkansas.  We have not changed what we believe from that time until now.  We have rewritten the article “Of The World To Come” to reflect a pre-tribulation rapture view, instead of the more general rapture view of the original confession.

The New Hampshire Confession of Faith was drawn up by the Rev. John Newton Brown, D. D., of New Hampshire (b. 1803, d. 1868), about 1833, and has been adopted by the New Hampshire Convention, and widely accepted by Baptists, especially in the Northern and Western States, as a clear and concise statement of their faith, in harmony with the doctrines of older confessions, but expressed in milder form. It may have gone nearly unnoticed outside of the New Hampshire Convention had it not been for the prominence it gained once it was printed in Pendelton’s Church Manual. The text is taken from the Baptist Church Manual, published by the American Baptist Publication Society, Philadelphia.

Because of the gradual acceptance of sin, Independence Baptist Church is stating what we believe concerning creation, human sexuality, divorce and remarriage, abortion, homosexuality, adulterous pastors and many other points which are not included in the original New Hampshire Confession of Faith.

There was a time when every Christian believed moral absolutes, but that time has passed.  Many today, who claim to be believers, have accepted sin, some even going so far as to state that pornography is good,  healthy activity, even for the believer.  They conveniently disregard the fact that God made coats of skin to clothe and cover the first couple to hide their nakedness from each other, and that God actively condemns fornication, adultery, nakedness, homosexuality, abortion, couples living together and all sorts of wickedness, both physical and spiritual

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