Is Baptism Required To Go To Heaven?


The book Is Baptism Required to go to Heaven? (in PDF format) by Michael S. Meadows fully answers each question raised by those who believe baptism is required for salvation.  Many believe something other than the blood of Jesus Christ is required for entrance into the family of God.  Brother Michael has graciously allowed Independence Baptist Church to include this invaluable work on our web site, therefore, I urge you to open the PDF document and read this book.  If you would like a copy of this book, please contact me for pricing and shipping information.


I am including almost all the books I have written on this web site as a help and encouragement to all.  These books are in PDF format, 8×11 portrait and a 5×8 landscape.  There is no charge for these PDF books, but there is a small charge if you want me to mail a hard copy.  The price of each book is noted below.  You can download the files to your computer, and print them for your own personal use.  I do ask that you not change anything I have written, but that you study the subject for yourself, and make the material your own.  I have written nothing new, and make no claim at originality.  If you have any difficulty downloading the files, or printing them, please email me and I will try to make whatever corrections I need to make.  The files printed perfectly on my printer.  

I ask, but there is no requirement, that you send me a short email, informing me which books you have downloaded, and the country or state where you live.  It is interesting to me to see where the books are going.  I do not save email addresses, and will not email you in return unless you ask a question.  I do not like spam, and I will not spam you.  I am thankful to God that people all over the world have downloaded and used the books, which they never could have if these books were not freely available over the internet.  

Some of these books are rather large, so be aware they may take a little while to download, especially if you have a dial-up connection.  The approximate size if the file is given by the download link.   

In The Name Of...The Story Of New Testament Authority


Approximately 500 kb

$3.00 each, postage paid


This is a 139 page comb bound book which examines the phrase “in the name of…”

Chapter titles are:


Chapter 1 – Salvation

Chapter 2 – Baptism

Chapter 3 – Asking and Receiving

Chapter 4 – Miracles

Chapter 5 – Satan’s Power

Chapter 6 – Power to Serve

The Seven Steps Of David's Escape From Absalom


Approximately 380 kb

$2.00 each postage paid

This is a 74 page comb bound book with the following chapters:


Chapter 1 – Absalom’s Viewpoint

Chapter 2 – Leaving Jerusalem

Chapter 3 – Ittai the Gittite

Chapter 4 – The Ark of God

Chapter 5 – David’s Prayer Concerning Ahithophel

Chapter 6 – Hushai the Archite

Chapter 7 – The Lie of Ziba

Chapter 8 – Shimei

What Should We Wear? The Age Old Question


Approximately 300 kb

$2.00 each postage paid


This is a 59 page comb bound book with the following chapters:



Chapter 1 – The Fallacy of Equality

Chapter 2 – An Abomination to God

Chapter 3 – Deuteronomy 22:5

Chapter 4 – The Question of Legalism

Chapter 5 – Conclusion

Cremation, What Does The Bible Say?


Approximately 220 kb

$1.00 each postage paid

A 23 page booklet that declares what the Bible says about cremation.

Alien Baptism


Approximately 175 kb

$1.00 each postage paid

An 21 page booklet explains the error of alien baptism.

A Very Small Part Of How The Anti-Christ Will Come Into Power


Approximately 175 kb

$1.00 each postage paid

A 24 booklet written in 1971: a commentary on Revelation 13:1-9.

Should Men Wear Earings?


Approximately 180 kb

$1.00 each postage paid

A 17 page booklet describing what it means when men wear earrings.  Biblical examples are given.

Was It God's Will That Paul Go To Rome?



Approximately 160 kb

$1.00 each postage paid

A 22 page booklet that reveals what God says about the matter.

The Lord's Supper


Approximately 280 kb

$2.00 each postage paid

A 75 page comb bound book with the following chapters:

General Overview of the Supper

Chapter 2 – The Avoidance of the Supper

Chapter 3 – Unleavened Wheat Bread

Chapter 4- Unleavened Grape Wine

Chapter 5 – Closed Communion

Chapter 6 – Temperance

Chapter 7 – A Personal Note

The Attributes Of God



Approximately 940 kb

$2.50 each postage paid


This is an 104 page comb book with the following chapters:


Chapter 1 – A Description of God.

Chapter 2 – The Infinity of God.

Chapter 3 – The Trinity of God.

Chapter 4 – The Omnipresence of God.

Chapter 5 – The Independence of God.

Chapter 6 – The Immutability of God.

Chapter 7 – The Omniscience of God.

Chapter 8 – The Foreknowledge of God.

Chapter 9 – The Power of God

Chapter 10 – The Grace of God.

Chapter 11 – The Mercy of God.

Chapter 12 – The Faithfulness of God.

Chapter 13 – The Wisdom of God.

Chapter 14 – The Love of God.

Chapter 15 – The Wrath of God.

Chapter 16 – The Will of God.

Chapter 17 – The Sovereignty of God.

Chapter 18 – The Patience of God.

Chapter 19 – The Holiness of God.

Chapter 20 – The Silence of God.

Chapter 21 – Conclusion.

The Church Covenant


Approximately 750 kb

$3.50 each postage paid

This book is 184 pages divided into five chapters, each chapter deals with one paragraph of the church covenant.



Paragraph # 1

Paragraph # 2

Paragraph # 3

Paragraph # 4

Paragraph # 5

The Pastor's Rule


Approximately 260 kb

$1.75 each postage paid

This comb bound book of 50 pages is a word by word exposition of I Timothy 5:17, “Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honor, especially they who labour in the word and in doctrine.  This book came from my personal study on pastoring.  I have not “arrived” as far as pastoring goes, but I earnestly desire to pastor God’s way, and not be swayed by the modern idea of what pastoring is.  I, as pastor of Independence Baptist Church will be judged by God Almighty as to how I pastored this church, and how I conducted myself with his sheep.  It is my prayer that studying this short book will help new and old preachers and pastors alike.

What To Look For In A Church


Approximately 150 kb

$1.00 each, postage paid 

This 16 page book is divided into two sections:


1.    What not to look for in a church.


Support and Encouragement.

Eloquent, Enthusiastic, Entertaining, Charismatic Speakers.

Fun, Games, Recreation, Entertainment.

Preaching that doesn’t require you to change…

2.    What to look for in a church.

The truth about the Bible.

The truth about Jesus Christ.

The truth about the gospel.

The truth about baptism.

The truth about faithfulness.

The truth about separation from worldliness.

Home: The Woman's Place


Approximately 190 kb


$1.00 each postage paid


This book is by Charity Garner, daughter of Missionary Calvin Garner.  She wrote this paper when she was a senior in high school, as a part of a home school assignment.  This book is very well written, and expresses the valid point that being a homemaker is a profession, and a very difficult profession at that.  You will be greatly blessed by reading this book.

The 6,000 Year Old Earth

PDF file – Title Page

Approximately 5,400 kb

$15.00 each postage paid


I started the preliminary work on this 120 page comb bound 8 1/2″ x 11″ book in 1976, and have continued this very interesting study as time permitted.  The book is a study of the genealogy of this world beginning with Adam and continuing to Jesus Christ.  I have made no effort to look at the “scientific” evidence for evolution or creation.  I have used only Biblical genealogy because I believe God’s holy word will eventually prove or disprove science.  The book contains several charts, a timeline of 4,000 years of history from Adam to Christ, and explanations of various supposed contradictions.  You can download the 8×11 PDF book and the PDF title page below, but if you have difficulty downloading the files, I will be glad to email you a PDF file of the book if you will email me, requesting the file. 

The Promises Of God

as seen through the eyes of some of the members of Independence Baptist Church


Approximately 350 kb

$1.00 Each Postage Paid



This little 32 page book is filled with the promises of God applied in a very practical way in the everyday lives of some of the members of IBC.  I know you will enjoy reading how God has fulfilled his promises to these precious church members.  If you  think God will not fulfill his promises to you, then read this little book and you will be assured that his promises are as sure to you as they have been to these.  


Those Things Most Surely Believed Among Us



Approximately 1,100 kb

$20.00 each postage paid


This 186 page, comb bound book is a detailed analysis of systematic theology believed, preached and practiced by Independence Baptist Church.  The chapters in the book follow the articles of the New Hampshire Confession of Faith, which was adopted by Independence Baptist Church when we were organized into a church of the Lord Jesus Christ.  


Additional chapters include Giving, Creation, Human Sexuality, Divorce and Remarriage, Abortion and Gambling.  

The Old Black Book


Approximately 427 KB


$8.00 each postage paid


It was not my intention to write a book defending the King James Version of the Bible, as there are many more qualified than me.  I wrote this book, not because I am an expert, but because I believe this is God’s desire.  It is important the members of Independence Baptist Church understand how God has preserved his word for us in the version of the King James Bible.  The book is 75 pages in 5 1/2 x 8 format.  


The outline of this book is:  

  1. The Battle is not Inspiration, but Perseveration.  

  2. The Bible is Preserved From Satan’s Attacks.  

  3. The History of new Translations.  

  4. Comparing Versions

If you have any questions, or would like to order any of the books, please email me by clicking here