What Happened On The Day Of Pentecost

Acts 2


What happened on the Day of Pentecost?  God said:  Here I am – in case you are wondering.


God showed he was with Noah because the flood waters did come and destroy all those who did not believe.


God showed he was with Abraham – see Ablimelech – See also Abraham taking Lot back from the five kings.


God showed he was with Israel by sending Moses who performed 10 miracles and Israel left defeated Egypt.


God showed he was in the tabernacle built by Moses by showing up in a thick cloud and nobody could enter the new tabernacle.


God showed he was in the temple in Solomon’s day by showing up in a thick cloud and nobody could enter the new tabernacle.


God showed he was against Israel by not protecting them and sending the Babylonians to conquer them.


God showed he is turning against Israel having the keys of the kingdom and gave the keys to his church at Pentecost.  It is amazing that Pentecost did not happen in the temple or synagogue.  It happened in the upper room, where the first church had been assembled for at least 10 days.  If Pentecost had happened in the temple, some might think God is continuing to work with Israel, but Pentecost happened in the Upper Room, so every Jew would know God is not working with them, but with the early church.  Later, in Acts 3, Peter and John heal the impotent man at the gate of the temple, which is called Beautiful.  God is revealing to Israel by this that he will no longer work in that nation, or in their religious institutions.  He will now work outside the temple, with his newly formed church, which he organized during his own personal ministry.


Many people are trying to duplicate Pentecost by faking signs and wonders and speaking in other languages.  The languages of Pentecost are worldly languages, not heavenly languages, as many suggest today.