Proclaiming the Gospel

In Acts


It seems there should be less emphasis upon “soul winning” and more emphasis upon preaching who Christ is and what he can do.  Much emphasis upon what the sinner must do – on the various “steps” they should take, but little emphasis upon what Christ has already done on the cross of Calvary.  Many have declared they believe in Christ, yet there is no change in their lives or lifestyle. 

1.       Something is desperately wrong when homosexuals declare they believe in Christ and are saved, yet continue in their perverted lifestyle. 

2.       Something is desperately wrong when both men and women profess their eternal salvation, yet are caught with pornography on their computers, or are caught in adulteries, fornications, child abuse, and all sorts of wickedness. 

3.       Something is desperately wrong when the disciples of Christ openly declare their hope of eternal life, but are more concerned with political wickedness than preaching the gospel of Christ. 


We must return to our main purpose: Matthew 28:18-20.  Of all the things that are we must decide on, the main purpose is still proclaiming the gospel message to all.  Are you praying that God would give you opportunity to speak to somebody about God’s eternal truths?  Are you more concerned with affairs surrounding us than you are with God’s work?  What do you think about most? 


Reasoned – to think different things with the mind. 

Reason of Acts 6:2 - those things that please, agreeable. 

Testified -             to so speak as to cause a thing to be believed. 

Preached - to use words in order to declare one’s mind and disclose one’s thoughts.

Persuaded - to gain to ones side. 


Acts 2 – on the Day of Pentecost.  Preached about who Jesus is, then presented an appeal to repent and believe.  Acts 2:40 – Peter testified and exhorted (to admonish or console) – save yourselves. 

Acts 3 – Peter and John preached after the lame man was healed – never made an appeal to repent and believe, yet Acts 4:4 declares 5,000 were saved. 

Acts 7 – Stephen preached the history of the Jews to these unbelievers.  His appeal to them to believe Christ is found in Acts 7:51-53, upon hearing these things, the listeners rose up and killed him.  Saul was there (Acts 7:58) who was eventually saved.  Continued in Acts 9. 

Acts 8:12 – the people believed the preaching of the word, not at seeing the miracles he did. 

Acts 8:25 – The apostles, after confirming the work of Phillip at Samaria, testified and preached the word of the Lord. 

Acts 8:35 – Phillip preached to the Ethiopian eunuch, who stopped both the chariot and the preaching to be baptized and then went on his way rejoicing. 

Acts 9:19-22 – When Saul (Paul) was baptized, he immediately preached that Jesus is the Christ in the Jewish synagogue in Damascus, to the amazement of everyone.  As Paul increased in wisdom and strength, the unbelieving Jews determined to kill him. 

Acts 10:37-43 – (verse 42 – testify) The message Peter preached to Cornelius was well known to them.  There was no direct appeal to repent, but they were saved anyway.  It is interesting that the facts of the gospel was known to Cornelius and the other listeners, but they were not saved until the gospel message was preached to them. 

Acts 13:38-41 – After giving a short history of Israel, proceeding to Christ and his crucifixion and resurrection, Paul explains that through Jesus men can have forgiveness of sins. 

Acts 13:44-46 – Unbelievers rejected the message of Paul. 

Acts 14:1-3 – Paul preached at Iconium, witnessing of the grace of God. 

Acts 17:1-4 – Paul clearly preached Christ at Thessalonica, declaring that Jesus is the Christ (Messiah). 

Acts 17:22-31 – (verse 32-34) – Paul preached at Mars Hill.  The listeners rejected the message when he spoke of the resurrection of the dead. 

Acts 18:4-6 – Paul, at Corinth, was pressed in the spirit to preach Christ.  Reasoned, persuaded (to gain to ones side) and testified.  Some believed and some did not.  There does not seem to be a great pressure to repent and believe. 

Acts 18:8-11 – Paul continued 1½ years, teaching about Christ, because the vision from the Lord informed him that God had much people in this city.  Teaching about Christ is necessary before any person can be saved. 

Acts 18:19 – Paul reasoned with the Jews at Ephesians. 

Acts 18:28 – Apollos publicly convinced the Jews, after he was taught, that Jesus is the Christ. 

Acts 20:21 and 24 – Paul has testified of the gospel of Christ. 

Acts 28:30-31 – Paul spend the last of his days preaching and teaching those things which concern the Lord Jesus Christ.