Losing the Fear of Judgment

The book of Jude

The book of Jude is written to encourage us in times of great falling away from righteousness.

Verse 1-4 – To the saved.

Verse 5-7 – The judgment of God came upon God’s people who didn’t stand for God’s truth.

Verse 8-19 – Types of sinners.

Verse 20-25 – Encouragement to continue being faithful to God.

Verse 20-21 – Take care of yourself.

Verse 22 – Have compassion – making a difference in the lives of others because we see the judgment of God coming to them.

Verse 23 – Save with fear – pull them out of the fire – not just fearing for them, but also fearing for ourselves. We should fear the coming judgment of God for them. We should have compassion when we talk to them about Christ. Maybe the reason we don’t speak to people about Christ is because we don’t fear the judgment of God upon us, or upon them.

Verse 24 – It is God who keeps us from falling.

Verse 25 – He is the only wise God – knowing the beginning from the end, and all things in between. God is able to keep us from the fire of his judgment if we will only submit to him. God sees where we are going much more clearly than we, so we should trust him, not ourselves.