Mark 2:1-12


I.    Capernaum.

A.  Matt. 11:23 - It was an exceeding wicked city because they did not, as a city, accept the works of Jesus as being from God.

B.   Mark 2:2 - Jesus was preaching the Word to them, but they would not receive it, nor did they receive the miracles as from God.


II.   The men who carried the one.

A.  They saw the need.

B.   They saw there was no solution outside of Christ.

C.   They talked it over and decided to work together.  (What they could not do alone, they could do together--A three fold cord is not easily broken.)

D.  There were hindrances, but this did not stop them from bringing the man to Christ.  (Was it the "Will of God" that the men went to so much trouble to bring the man to Christ?  Yes!  Just because there are troubles doesn't mean it's not God's Will.)

1.   In Bethsaida - took him to Jesus in spite of the attitude of the town.

2.   Palsy - tore up the roof.  Found a way in when it seemed impossible.

E.   The faith of the four (and the ones who brought the blind man to Christ) not the sick or blind caused Jesus to heal the man.

F.   Their faith was unseen by all except Jesus.

1.   The scribes never mentioned what they thought about the men letting the man down through the roof.

2.   They continually watched Jesus to catch Him at something they, not God, disapproved of.