Wearing Out The Saints

Daniel 7:25

I. This is Satan's purpose, so that he can bring in his kingdom with less interference from God's people. His scheme is working. God's people have just about stopped fighting the devil and have joined him!

A. God is dead. We've just about quit fighting those who do not believe in God.

B. No prayer in public school.

1. We've forgotten how our schools were first established.

2. Many people have taken the position that we don't need to "embarrass" the unbelievers.

C. No public Bible reading. Our schools were started with Bible reading, but not anymore. It's against the law.

D. In Sweden.

1. There is no child discipline.

2. You are not to correct a child by any means at all.

3. The government is meddling in our personal lives and they shouldn't.

E. Result: abortion on demand.

1. Even of a minor without a parents consent or knowledge.

2. Open homosexuals, adultery, fornication.

3. Now called a "variant or alternate life style".

4. It's a sin.

5. A great trend toward private education.

6. Even in this people tend to retain their old sinful ways.

II. II Peter 2:7,8 - Saved people accepting sin in their lives, like Lot.

A. Some definitions.

1. "Just", "Righteous" in verse 7, and 8 are from the same Greek word, "dikaios". This means a person that is saved.

2. "Vexed" in verse 7 is from the Greek "Kataponeomai" meaning "worn down".

3. "Vexed" in verse 8 is from the Greek "basanizo" meaning "to try" or "torment".

B. This is what is happening to us today. We are accepting many things because we are constantly in contact with it.

1. We've stopped following God's Word and starting what we think and the world thinks.

2. We've accepted the "macho man" - necklace, earrings and all.

3. We accept divorce as a way of life. Today half of marriages end up in divorce.

4. We've accepted long hair on men and short hair on women.

5. We've accepted pants and shorts on women and will one day accept dresses on men!

a. When I was younger, and women and girls started wearing slacks, they were distinctly different from men slacks.

b. They were usually plaids or strips or something like that.

c. There was a great deal of discussion about the placement of the zipper.

d. The zipper had to be on the side to be women's pants and in the front to be man's pants.

e. But all of that has changed today.

f. Women are wearing men's pants and not thinking anything about it.

g. It's accepted as normal, but one day dresses will be accepted as normal on men. Just wait and see.

III. Times and Laws of Daniel 7:25

A. The "New Deal" and "Great Society"

1. Other government give-away programs. Never was it so in our nations history like it is now.

2. When the pilgrims landed in America, there was no housing or food.

a. They didn't go to the local "HUD" office and get government aid.

b. There was none.

c. Our nation was founded on the Bible principle of "work and eat", but no more.

d. Now it's "don't work, get a handout and eat".

3. Our government has changed from the power invested in the local to state government to Federal government to World Government. The little man hardly has a say anymore.

4. Morals have disintegrated to the lowest ever.

5. Right is called wrong and wrong is called right. Isaiah 32:5. But one day all this will change.

6. A good thing for us to do is to follow God today so we won't have such a big change to make later.