Spiritual Wickedness

Eph. 6:12, For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Spiritual wickedness is Senator Kennedy standing in congress, declaring that if we accept homosexual marriage then we are stopping prejudice, intolerance, and enforcing civil rights, stopping intolerance. He said nothing at all about what is right and what is wrong - except that we are wrong to stand against homosexual marriage.

They will shut our mouths if we stand against immorality. Churches will be sued if we publicly preach against abortion, homosexuals, or Jessie Jackson preaching in black “churches” about civil rights. They will cut off our tax-exemption if we preach publicly against these public immoralities. Then some people will declare that the church is losing its effectiveness. People all over can speak openly about how we ought to accept their immorality, yet we are denied the right to speak out against their immorality. We must remain silent while they retain the right to speak as often and as hard as they desire.

Spiritual wickedness in Rome, Italy when Paul was living. It was necessary to bow down before Caesar and recognize him as god. Anybody that spoke out against him could lose their life, their possessions, or have other unspeakable things happen to them. This is the day in which we are living.

It is getting to the place in our country like it was in Soviet Russia, and in the communists countries. If a person speaks out against a government program, they are declared to be in need of “re-programming”, and will be sent away to a special place for “rehabilitation”.

Spiritual wickedness has to do with wicked spirits and their work in bringing in the kingdom of the Anti-Christ.

Daniel 10:2,13 - I would imagine this is something similar to Daniel who didn’t receive an answer to his prayers because there was war in heaven.