The Gospel According to Mark



Chapter One - Announcement, Preparation, and Beginning of Christ's Ministry

Chapter Two - Characteristics of the Savior and Salvation

Chapter Three - Opponents Confronted and Apostles Appointed

Chapter Four - The Kingdom of God Expounded by Parable and Miracle

Chapter Five - The Power of Christ, the Son of God

Chapter Six - Events in Galilee, and the Apostles Sent Forth

Chapter Seven - Unhearing Ears and Unheeding Hearts

Chapter Eight - Preparing for Calvary

Chapter Nine - Christ Glorified, and Humility Taught

Chapter Ten - Judacan Ministry: Hindrances to Salvation and Service

Chapter Eleven - Royal Entrance into Jerusalem and Accompanying Events

Chapter Twelve - Religious Hypocrites Condemned and the Word of God Exalted Chapter Thirteen - Take Heed, Watch, and Pray: Christ's Return and Coming Judgment

Chapter Fourteen - Jesus' Betrayal and Trial

Chapter Fifteen - Jesus' Crucifixion

Chapter Sixteen - Jesus' Resurrection


Facts about the Gospel according to Mark:


Theme: the gospel (Glad Tidings) of Jesus Christ - Jesus Christ, the Servant of God


Key Verse: Mark 10:45


Keywords: straightway (occurs 19 times in our English version), immediately (occurs 17 times in our English version)


Related Scripture: Isaiah 42:1-21; 49:1-16; 50:4-1 1; 52:7-15; 53:1-12 Philippians 2:5-8