Coming Persecution in America

II Tim. 3:12-13

I. Pre-Tribulation, pre-millennilism does not preclude suffering before the rapture takes place.

II. The tribulation is for Israel, not for the church or the saints of this day.

A. Saints have suffered before us, and saints are suffering all over this world today.

B. There is no reason we won’t have to suffer for what we believe before the rapture and tribulation get here.

C. We are training our children in the ways of God, which, if they follow those ways, will lead them to be persecuted as well.

D. The tribulation is for Israel.

  1. Deut. 4:29-39 – God will bless Israel, even in the latter days.

  2. Jer. 30:4-11 – The time of Jacob’s trouble. (verse 7)

  3. Dan. 9:24-27 – The seventy weeks of Daniel have one week not fulfilled.

  4. Daniel 12:1 – The time of trouble, worse than has ever been.

    1. Saints will be persecuted.

      1. Matthew 23:35 – the blood of righteous Abel.

      2. Heb. 12:4 – Saints have often resisted evil unto blood.

      3. John 15:18-18 – We shouldn’t think it strange that the world hates us because it also hated Christ before us.

      4. Phil. 1:29 – It is given to us, not only to believe, but also to suffer for Christ.

      5. I Peter 4:12-14, 16-17 – Peter tells us we will suffer for Christ. Let us get ready, and not shy away from His will.

      6. II Tim. 3:12 – our text – all that are saved must be willing to suffer for Christ.

      7. Luke 9:57-60 – There were many that would follow Christ, but Jesus told them to be aware of the sacrifices they would have to make in order to follow Him.