Mark 8:22-26


I.    The City of Bethsaida.

A.  Exceeding wicked - Matt. 11:21

B.   There are some good people in every bad place.

1.   Luke 9:10,11 - Mighty works were not done in Bethsaida, but outside the city limits.  In order to get the blessings of God, the people had to go outside the city.

2.   John 1:44 - Philip, Andrew and Peter were from Bethsaida.

3.   Mark 8:22-26 - Some people, full of faith, from Bethsaida, brought a blind man (who evidently didn't have much faith) so Jesus could heal him.  According to verse 26, it seems the blind man didn't live in Bethsaida.  Mark 2:1-4 - This compares to the four bringing the sick of the Palsy to Christ.

a.   They saw the need.

b.   They saw there was no solution outside of Christ.

c.   They talked it over and decided to work together.  (What they could not do alone, they could do together--A three fold cord is not easily broken.)

d.   There were hindrances, but this did not stop them from bring the man to Christ.

1.   In Bethsaida - took him to Jesus in spite of the attitude of the town.

2.   Palsy - tore up the roof.  Found a way in when it seemed impossible.

e.   The faith of the four (and the ones who brought the blind man to Christ) not the sick or blind caused Jesus to heal the man.


II.   The healing of the blind man.

A.  Sometimes we need to see a little before we can see a lot more.

1.   The blind man was brought to others, he did not come because he believed.

2.   There are those that do not have faith to believe, but Jesus will see the faith of those who bring people to him.  Example: Marie and Orval Lawson.

B.   Jesus told him not to go into the city and tell about his healing.

1.   When people reject what God has given to them, He won't give them any more.

2.   Luke 12:48 - Unto whom much is given, much is required.  Unto whom little is given, little is require.  Jesus had spent many days and done many miracles in Bethsaida, and none in Tyre and Sidon, therefore Bethsaida is more responsible than Tyre and Sidon.

3.   The condemnation of God is complete, without retribution.