Numbers 36:1-13


I.    Verse 1-4 - The chapter is concern over the daughters of Zelophehad who received the inheritance of their father as explained in Numbers 27:1-11.

A.  The chief fathers came to Moses instead of trying to settle the problem themselves.

1.      They did not say the law giving the land to the daughters of Zelophehad was unjust.

2.      They did not say anything, then complain later about what was going on.

3.      They did not use their power as princes to make a decision, but left all these things up to God.

B.   They presented the problem in a rational way.

1.      They were concerned about their tribes losing some of their inheritance if the daughters married someone outside that tribe.

2.      They spoke of their possession as if they already had it.  This is walking by faith.

3.      They knew God would and could take care of this material necessity.



II.   Verse 5-9 - Moses replied only what God gave.

A.  He thanked the people for bringing the problem to light.

1.   It is good when people think ahead to situations that might cause problems and solve them before they get big.

2.      Many people sit still and wait for some problem to come along so they will have something to fuss about.

B.   The solution.

1.   The daughters of Zelophehad can marry anybody they want to, but they must marry only in their tribe.

2.      This way the inheritance will remain in that particular tribe.

C.   Verses 10-13 - The reaction of the daughters of Zelophehad.

1.      They married in their tribes like God said they ought to.

2.   The Bible doesn't say they fussed about the command of God.


III. Some thoughts about God based marriage.

A.  What is the daughters of Zelophehad said they weren't "in love" with anybody in their tribe?

1.      This is what would happen today.

2.   The truth is that the daughters of Zelophehad were God fearing and wouldn't "fall in love" with anybody they shouldn't.

3.      They were more concerned with following god than "falling in love".

4.      This teaches us that this "modern day" "falling in love" bit is nothing but a ploy by Satan to snatch God's children away from His commands and lure them into following their feelings.

5.   It is very doubtful that young people really know what "being in love" is all about.  This knowledge comes only after a lifetime with a person.  And cannot be known apart from following God's laws.

B.   This law by Moses would also be in effect for any woman who had the inheritance of her father.

1.   If each daughter would be as honorable as the daughters of Zelophehad, they would all marry according to God's plan and God would bless Israel for years to come.

2.   It is good to follow God's laws, and there is nothing but trouble when they are not followed.