Numbers 33:1-56


I.    Verse 1-49.

A.  These verses are a recapitulation of the travels of Israel from the time they came out of Egypt until the time they are ready to cross the river Jordan to possess the land of Canaan.

1.      Verse 1-18 - These are the places Israel camped in before they rebelled against the Lord in entering the land of Canaan.

a.   Numbers 12:16 - Israel left Hazeroth and camped in the wilderness of Paran.

b.   Numbers 13 - Israel rebelled against God by not entering the promised land.

c.   Numbers 33:18 - The last known camping place of Israel is at Hazeroth.  The place called Rithmah is unknown.

2.      Verses 19-36 - These are the places Israel camped during the forty years wandering in the wilderness.

a.   The majority of these places cannot be located on any Bible map.

b.   The reason the places cannot be found is because God doesn't want us tracing the steps of people in rebellion.

c.   There will be no good come from following the activities of people who rebel against God.

3.      Verse 36 - Israel camps in the wilderness of Zin.

a.   Israel camps here at the end of the forty years of wandering.

b.   Numbers 20:1 - This is the place where Miriam died and Moses struck the rock the second time.

1.      Miriam died here.  This shows that Miriam didn't die during the wandering because she wasn't a part of the rebellion.

2.      Moses strikes the rock the second time here.  His punishment is that he won't be allowed to enter the promised land.  His punishment is in no way related to the rebellion at Hazeroth.  (Numbers 13)

B.   Verse 39 - The death of Aaron as recorded in Numbers 20:23-29.

C.   Verse 40-49 - The remaining travels of Israel until they reach the plains of Moab.


II.   Verse 50-56 - The Canaanites are to be removed from the land.

A.  Israel shall drive out the Canaanites because:

1.   It is God's command.  It is enough to know God said to do something without knowing why we are to do it.

2.      Because of the exceeding wickedness of those people.

a.   The Canaanites will be judged of God for their sinfulness.

b.   Some of their sinfulness involves burning babies as sacrifices, fornication, and adultery in worship services.

B.   What would the Canaanites think of this deal?

1.      They wouldn't like it.

2.      They would say they had title to the land first and God was unjust in giving their land to another.

a.   They do not realize they are accountable to God even though they don't know him as God or worship Him.

b.   Lost sinners may not know God, but they are accountable to Him just the same.

3.      These nations are still fighting Israel today for they say they owned the land before Israel came in and took it from them.


III. Israel's punishment if they don't remove these people.

A.  Verse 55,56.

1.      Pricks in the eyes.

a.   Everywhere Israel looks there will be visible reminders of the harm done by leaving these people in their land.

b.   Study Samson, it was the eyes of Samson that caused him the most trouble.  He look, saw, lusted and sinned.

2.      Thorns in your sides.

a.   A constant source of trouble and irritation.

b.   Like Paul who had a thorn in the flesh.

B.   Verse 56 - The worse punishment would be that God would do to Israel what he intended to do to the Canaanites.

1.   God will not be unjust in this punishment.

2.      Israel will begin to live like the Canaanites.

3.      When Israel begins to sin like the Canaanites, they will deserve the punishment they receive.