Steps To Faithfulness

Matthew 28:18-20


It seems to me that every saved person wants to be faithful to God, yet many people to not understand what it means to be faithful.  Some count faithfulness according to what they do, or what they think, or what others think.  Frankly, what we think makes no difference at all.  It is what God declares as faithful that is faithful. 


I.    Salvation.

A.     Know you are lost and cannot save yourself.

1.       Romans 3:10 – All are lost, condemned because of sin.

2.       Psalms 14:1-3 – God looked down from heaven to see if there was anybody seeking him.  He found none.

3.       Ephesians 2:1-3 – All are lost without Christ, but Christ came to us.

4.       Genesis 3 – God came to Adam in the Garden of Eden when God knew about Adam’s sin.  God came with redemption, not judgment.


II.    Scriptural Baptism – we know everything must have authority, but when it comes to religious or spiritual things, it is denied.  There must be authority if you are to take money out of my bank account.

A.     Know the difference between being put under the water and scriptural baptism.

B.     Know what scriptural baptism is.

1.       Matthew 3:1-3 – John is sent from God with the authority to Baptist.

2.       John 1:35-512 – Jesus calls these saved, already scripturally baptized people to follow him and they do.

3.       John was cast into prison – before the early church baptized. (find this verse.)

4.       John 4:1,2 – These disciples are already formed into a local church and are observing the ordinance of baptism.  Christ is present with them.

5.       Acts 2 – The early church baptized those who believe.  Christ is not physically present with them.  (See my tract on baptism to complete this section.)


III.    Observe all the commandments.

A.     Now just know what the commandments are, but do them.

1.       A commandment is a law.

2.       It is not optional, but required.

3.       Those who can get away with not obeying the commandments are probably not saved.

B.     Matthew 22:36 – The greatest commandment is love.

1.       Fulfilling this commandment causes us to fulfill all the other commandments.

2.       I John 5:3 – the commandments of God are not grievous.