The Determination of Paul


Acts 19:21 – Paul determined in his spirit that he would go to Macedonia, Achaia, Jerusalem, then Rome.

Acts 20:22-24 – Paul is determined to go to Jerusalem, know knowing what will befall him there.  Paul is bound in the spirit.

Acts 20:36-38 – The brethren at Miletus and those elders from Ephesus wept because they will see him no more.

Acts 21:8-14 – At Philip’s house, Agabus came and bound his own hands with Paul’s girdle, declaring that God said the man that owns this girdle would be bound and delivered into the hands of the gentiles.

Acts 21:23-29 – Paul in the temple is captured.

Acts 21:32 – The people left beating Paul when they saw the soldiers and the centurions coming.

Acts 21:35 – Paul is borne by the soldiers so he wouldn’t be killed.

Acts 21:37 – Paul speaks to the people.  Carry this through to chapter 22:21.

Acts 22:22-23 – The uproar of the people.

Acts 22:24-30 – Paul declares he is a Roman.

Acts 23:1-10 – Paul’s accusers are divided over the resurrection question.

Acts 23:11 – Paul is encouraged of the Lord.

Acts 23:12-35 – How God kept Paul alive when his enemies wanted to kill him.

Acts 24:27 – Paul is out of the Jew’s way, so they are content to leave him alone.  God will fulfill his purpose in Paul.