Matthew 16:21-26


I gave a short lesson Sunday night on these passages, explaining that we should give up our fleshly desires and lusts in order to serve God.  I probably should have gone further in explaining that Christ doesn’t necessarily mean that we should give up wealth, fame or our personalities, else Matthew 19:28-30 would not be in the Bible. The point I tried to make was that we should give up our wills to the will of God. This is what the passage is teaching, not to give up material comforts or benefits to serve God.  If we are rich, we should serve God being rich, if we are poor, we should serve God being poor.  See I Tim. 6:1-2 – we don’t have to change the station of our life to serve God.  We must change our wills.


I probably should have continued the study to the end of the chapter, (at least verse 27) then the meaning would have been clearer.


We took the Lord’s Supper afterwards.