What Is The Gospel?

I Cor. 15:1-4


Verse 1,

1.   The people at Corinth heard the gospel Paul preached.

A.  I Cor. 2:1-5 - When Paul first came to Corinth, he was very careful to preach only in the spirit and only things concerning the gospel.

B.   He knew if they were going to stand at all, they would have to stand in the power of God, not in human strength and reasonings.

2.   The people at Corinth received the gospel Paul preached.

A.  Acts 17:32-34 - When Paul preached on Mars Hill the people did one of three things.

1.   They mocked the resurrection of the dead - will you mock and die and spend eternity in hell?

2.   They said they wanted to hear some more about this resurrection.

3.   They believed the gospel and cleaved to Paul.

3.   The people at Corinth stood in the gospel Paul preached.


Verse 2 - See winword\1corinth\15v2 for a discussion about not keeping the gospel in memory.


Verse 3 & 4 - According to the scriptures - all the prophecies concerning the coming redeemer and Messiah of Israel was fulfilled in Christ.