The Sower

Matt. 13:3


I.    The Sower - Somebody must go.  don't leave it up to the other fellow.  Somebody has to do all things (an individual).

A.  Went with a purpose - to fulfill the great commission.

B.   No age requirement - No position requirement.

C.  Fulfilled his God called Task for life.

D.  The ground had already been prepared.


II.   Went forth.

A.  A necessary action.

B.   Shows preparation - forethought.

C.  Had already decided what he was going to sow: the gospel seed.

D.  Was ready when he got to the field - the field is the world.


III. To Sow:

A.  Not to reap!

B.   With a purpose, had a result in mind.

C.  Things about sowing.

1.   Eccl. 11:4-6 - Don't look up at clouds.  Don't let men bother you.

2.   Heb. 12:2 - Keep rows straight by looking ahead.  Jesus looked past the cross to eternal glory.

3.   Phil. 3:13,14 - Put the seed on the ground ahead of you and on either side of you, never behind you.  Forget the good and bad of yesterday and do today what you can for God.  Use today's opportunities.

4.   Matt. 13:4-8 - Cover the ground with seed (sow in all places and in all times).

D.  Comments about sowing.

1.   A time when you can't see results.  Eccl 7:8 - the end of a thing is better than the beginning.

2.   A time when you feel something more is needed.  Luke 17:5-10 - Must be consistent.

3.   A time of great cost.

a.   II Cor. 9:6 - Reap as you have sowed, scantily or bountifully.

b.   Gal. 6:7-9 - We shall reap as we have sowed (flesh or spirit).