Satan casting out Satan

Matthew 12:22-29


The Pharisees believed Satan could cast out Satan, but Jesus makes it clear in verses 25-28 that Satan doesn’t cast out Satan.  If he did that, it would mean the end of his kingdom.  The kingdom of Satan will come to an end, but not because he practices casting out his own demons.  The Pharisees seemed to believe that there is an echelon of Satanic demons, a chain of command, and if the upper demons want to, they can cast out the lower demons.  I do not believe this so.

I do understand that in war, sometimes the upper echelon of command will sacrifice a lower echelon in order to gain the victory, or the advantage over the enemy.  This is part of war, and could be considered a part of Satanic strategy to gain victory or advantage over Christ.  But I don’t believe this is so.

According to Matthew 24:24, Satan is able to perform many miracles and signs, some so great that they would even deceive the very elect of God if God would allow it.  Rev. 13 tells of miracles, signs and wonders that Satan will do in the tribulation period that will cause many people to worship Satan, and will cause the deaths of many believers. The miracles, signs and wonders Satan does is never casting out demons.  The Bible never records Satan casting out Satan, or Satan casting out demons.

Acts 19:13 reveals there was such a thing as exorcism.  These were vagabond Jews who tried to counterfeit the real thing, but were unable to do so.  But notice, they tried to cast out these devils by exorcism, and using the name (authority and power) of the Lord Jesus.  It didn’t work, because Jesus doesn’t work by using Satan’s power, and exorcism involves the use of chants, incantations, and such.

Satan is able to heal, as revealed in the book Surgeon with the Rusty Knife but his healing always comes at a great price.  The individual is required to give himself to Satan.

The folks in Matthew 7:22,23 were lost, but cast out devils by the name (power and authority) of Jesus Christ. They did not use exorcism, chants, or incantations.  Because these lost people used the name of Christ, and Christ honored their requests, they believed they were saved.  They were trusting their works to get them to heaven, and not the pure blood Christ.