Text: I Cor. 10:13


I.    Temptations are common to all of us.

A.    The Old Testament is given to prove that people in "olden days" were tempted just like we are.

1.      Matthew 4 - Christ was led by the Spirit of God into the wilderness so He would be tempted by the Devil.

2.      Christ sometimes leads us into places so we will be tempted by the Devil.

3.      Why would God do this?

a.      So we will know what is in us.  (God already knows.)

b.      So we will understand the likelihood of our falling into sinfulness if we don’t completely and wholly trust in Christ, and His Word.

B.   There is an example in the Bible for each temptation.

1.      Sometimes I can't find the example I need when I need it.

2.      If I don't constantly read the Bible, I won't have the example ready at hand when I need it.

C.    Every person is tempted differently.

1.      Some evil things draw some Christians toward it, while that same evil thing doesn’t draw another Christian.

2.      There are temptations that are common to man, but this doesn’t mean that all men are tempted equally.


II.    There is a difference between temptation and testing.

A.    Temptation means to put something in the path of another in order to draw them away to evil from their present good.

B.    Testing means a putting to the test by experimentation, or experience.  Testing is to see what is in a thing, for example to give a test to see if the student has learned the material, or to testify before a court of law about the truth of a matter.


III. Satan is the great tempter.

A.  In the Garden of Eden.

B.   II Cor. 11:13-15 - (Angel of light) He fools people into thinking they are doing good.

1.   II Cor. 11:3 - Satan blinded the eyes of Eve, and he still uses the same tricks to blind our eyes.

2.      Like he fooled Adam and Eve.

a.   He'll blind our eyes to the bad consequences of our sin.

b.   He'll show us only the good part.

c.   Like in the cigarette and beer advertisements.

3.      He'll make us want to trust ourselves, instead of trusting God.

a.   Remember Samson?

b.   If God gives us a special strength, we'll trust that strength instead of trusting Him.

4.      He'll make us think that we are gods, that our decisions are as good as His decisions.  He gives us thoughts that we think are our thoughts.

a.   I Sam. 15 - Remember Saul not killing the Amalekites like God said? 

b.   I Sam. 13:8-10 - Remember Saul not waiting on Samuel to do sacrifice?

c.   We can fall just like Saul fell.

5.      He'll make us doubt that God will do what He said.


IV. James 1:12-16 - We are the ones that cause most of our tempting.

A.  God does not tempt us to do evil.

B.   We are drawn away of our own lusts.

C.   Lust, Sin, Death - The Christians LSD.


V.  What is the solution to temptation?

A.  James 1:14 - Recognize that our temptations come from within ourselves.

B.   I Cor. 10:13 - Recognize that our temptations are common to everybody.

C.   James 1:15 - Recognize the end result of yielding to our temptations.  (LSD)

1.   We will lose our sweet fellowship with God.

2.   We will lead others astray from God.

3.   We will lead many astray and not know it.

D.  I Cor. 10:12 - Let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.

1.   Let us know that we can fall into sin.

2.   We are no better than others what have gone before us.

E.   I Cor. 10:13 - Know that God will not put more on us that we can bear.

F.   God will make a way of escape.  We must step through the door of escape.

1.      James 4:7 - Submit to God, resist the devil, then he will flee from you.

2.   We must do what we ought to do.  This is the way God gives us grace to overcome.

3.   God will not remove the temptation.

4.   He lets Satan tempt us in order to:

a.   Make us stronger Christians.

b.   Make us more willing to leave this world and all its troubles.