God Almost Always Uses Means

I Corintians 9:22


Means can be defined as "device", "object", or instrument".



1.   Genesis 1:3 - God spoke the world into existence.  He didn't have to speak, but could have thought it into existence.  But then somebody might say that "thinking" would be a means.  But God didn't have to even think, He could have caused the world to appear with no physical exertion at all.


2.   Genesis 3:21 - God made coats of skin to cloth Adam and his wife.  They were naked (physically) before the fall, and sewed fig leaves together to hide their physical nakedness from each other.  But they could do nothing to hide their spiritual nakedness from God, or each other.  God saved them (covered their spiritual nakedness), then made coats of skin to cover their physical nakedness.  God didn't have to cover their physical nakedness - He could have removed the knowledge of that nakedness from them.  He didn't do that, but used physical means to show a spiritual truth.


3.   Genesis 6:7 - God destroyed the world with water during the days of Noah.  He didn't have to use water, because he could have just destroyed them with nothing.  He used water as a "natural" catastrophe.  Some might not believe God caused the flood, or that it was a world wide flood.  Believers will know who caused this world wide flood.


4.   Genesis 12:1-3 - God put a rainbow in the clouds.  The rainbow is a symbol of the promise God made to mankind that He would not again destroy the world with a world wide flood.  It is a natural sign, as explained by scientists.  God used a natural means to show a spiritual promise.


5.   Genesis 19:24 - God destroyed the five cities of the plain with brimstone and fire - a natural substance, delivered in a supernatural way.  He didn't have to use brimstone and fire, because he could have used nothing at all.  Some might believe God had nothing to do with the destruction of these cities, but believers won't doubt.


6.   Joshua 6:20 - God used the obedience of Israel to bring down the walls of Jericho.  God could have caused the walls not to have been built, or He could have caused the people of Jericho to give up the city, but He didn't do that.  Instead, He used the obedience of the people in marching around the city, and sounding the trumpets to bring down the walls. Some might believe God had nothing to do with this, but believers won't doubt.


7.   Romans 1:19 - God shows every person in the world that there is a God they ought to worship and serve.  He puts this in them, using no means at all.  But people aren't saved because they know there is a God.  Some people begin to worship sticks, stones, the planets, and other objects because they have an inward desire to worship something.  God put that desire in them.

1.   Psalms 19:1-3 shows that God uses nature to reveal his eternal power and Godhead.  As a person matures, he begins to realize there is a God by looking at nature.  But looking at nature doesn't save a person.

2.   Romans 10:10-13 - A person must call on the name of the Lord.  But they can't call on the Lord until they believe.  They can't believe before they hear.  They can't hear without a preacher.  A preacher won't preach unless God sends him.  Everything depends on God.  It is marvelous that God would use a fallen (then redeemed) creature to declare the gospel!  God didn't have to use men, but He does.

a.   God created  Seraphims and Cherubims, which don't have a free-will, and cannot fall.

b.   God created angels, which have a free will, and some of them did fall.  The angels that fell never received an opportunity for redemption because God didn't give them one.

c.   God created humans, which have a free will, and all of them have fallen.  God, in his rich mercy and grace, sent His only beloved son into the world to die for sinners, that all who believe might have eternal life.  God offers salvation to all, but all don't believe.  The only way they will believe is for God to put that into their hearts.

3.   Luke 16:28-30 - The rich man prayed to Father Abraham that he would send Lazarus from the dead to preach to his five brethren who were on the road to hell.  Father Abraham said they should listen to Moses and the prophets.  The rich man could see his brothers wasn't listening to Moses and the prophets, but believed they would listen if one came from the dead.  Father Abraham told him if they wouldn't listen to the preachers that were present with them, they wouldn't listen even if the dead came back and preached to them.  The point of using this passage is to teach that God uses preachers (means) to take the truth into this world.  If people won't listen to the preachers that preach His truth in their time, they won't listen if God Himself came down to the earth and preached to them.

8.   II Tim. 2:15 - Study to show ourselves approved unto God.  God uses the means of studying His Holy Word to reveal His will.

1.   A long time ago, I mentioned to a man I was working with that I had to go home and study for a message.  He remarked that he didn't know preachers had to study.  I asked him how he learned anything.  He replied that he had to study.  Well, preachers do to!  God doesn't put a "funnel" in your head, and pour the knowledge in.  He expects His people to study the Bible to receive knowledge.

2.   Notice we are to be approved unto God, not unto men.  Men don't approve the things God gives any more than God approves the things men give (in the flesh).

3.   If you want to know what the will of God is, then use the means He has provided!