Numbers 9:1-23


I.    Verse 1-5 - The keeping of the Passover.

A.            According to Ex. 12:25, the Passover was to be kept at the 10th plague when Israel left Egypt, and not to be taken again until they entered the promised land.

1.      Numbers 9:1-5 is a special command from God to take the Passover, remembering the blood and body of Christ and deliverance from sin.

2.   If Israel had obeyed the Lord, they would have taken the Passover every year.  But they disobeyed (Num. 13,14) and so missed taking the Passover for some 40 years.

3.   The next time the Bible records Israel taking the Passover is Joshua 5:10 - after going into Canaan and before the fall of Jericho.

4.      Those in rebellion do not remember the gift of Christ on Calvary.

B.   The people obeyed the commands of God even though they had just finished dedicating the altar (Num. 7).  They probably kept the Passover because they had just finished dedicating the altar!

1.   Just because we've performed some extra service doesn't mean we get to leave off that ordinary service.

2.      They took the Passover even though their conditions were unsettled.

3.      They kept it according to all the commandments of the Lord.


II.   Verse 6-14 - Special rules for those unable to take the Passover at the normal time.

A.  Those that couldn't take the Passover on time.

1.      Anybody that would not take the Passover would be cut off from the people.

2.      These men were defiled by a dead body and couldn't partake of the holy things for seven days - Num. 19:11.

3.      They had a good reason - somebody had to bury the dead person.

4.      They wanted to take the Passover, but didn't know what to do.

5.      They asked the leader - It's good to ask the pastor those things we don't know about.

B.   The answer.

1.      Moses asked God - It's always good to consult your Bible and not get an answer out of your own mind.

2.   God made provision - God always makes provision for those who truly want to serve Him.  It may not be exactly what we think it ought to be, but it'll beat us doing it our way.

3.      Keep it in the second month instead of the first month.


III. Verse 15-23 - Learning to obey the Lord.

A.  God gives directions to all who will look His way.

1.   The cloud gave instructions in the day time.

2.   The pillar of fire gave instructions in by night.

B.   This taught Israel to look to the Lord for guidance.

1.      They would see that Moses wasn't just doing what he wanted, but was obeying God.  People ought to be close enough to God to see this about their pastor.

2.      When all Israel looked to God, He would keep them moving together.  This works just like this in a church.  If only the people would look to the Lord, He would keep them moving in the same direction.

C.   Israel should be in a constant state of readiness to move.  The church ought to be ready to move today - the rapture, to win the lost to Christ, to serve acceptably.

1.      Verse 21 - They could move at night or day - In a time of convenience or inconvenience.

2.      However, they would know that God would have them stopped during the special feast and holy days.

3.   So they can know the revealed will of God!  So can we - we will never know all the will of God and the ways He wants us to move, for that would do away with faith.  But there are parts of the will of God we can understand.