Following Jesus

Matthew 8:18-27


I.        Verse 18-22

A.     There are those that follow Jesus for various reasons.

1.       Matthew 8:1 – Some follow Jesus because of the marvelous words He speaks.

2.       Matthew 8:2 – Some follow Jesus because they want Him to do something particular for them.  This is also true with the centurion, and others who wanted to be healed.

B.     There are those that want to follow Jesus, but there is no record they ever do it.  They want to follow Jesus for the “long haul.”

1.       These people lived at the same time Jesus lived, saw Him, and followed him where He went, but they never understood what He was doing.

2.       Matthew 13:10-17 – Christ spoke to them in parables, so they would think they understood, but never really got it.

3.       They never lived the victorious Christian life.

4.       They were constantly drug down with the cares and troubles of this life.

C.     There are those that follow Christ physically, but never follow Him spiritually

II.     Verse 23-27 – True disciples of Christ will always follow Him.

A.     True disciples might follow afar off.

1.       Matthew 26:58 – Peter followed afar off when Jesus was led to the high priest’s palace.

2.       Matthew 27:55 – Many women beheld afar off when Christ was crucified.

B.     True disciples will get in the ship with Jesus.

1.       Mark 4:35 - You don’t have to know why He is going where He is going.

a.      Mark 4:36 – There might be other little ships going along, but you won’t be content to be in any other church than the true church of the Lord Jesus Christ.

b.      You won’t have to make a decision about whether His plans fit into your plans or not.

c.      All of your ambitions are given over to the will of God.

2.       Mark 4:38 – Even when you are in the same ship as Christ, (same church) you can still be separated from Christ, and not follow Him in taking rest.

a.      Christ was in the hinder part of the ship when the rest were someplace else.

b.      When we really follow Jesus, we will sleep when He sleeps, and not be looking around at the storm all around us.

c.      Even when we are in the same church as Christ, we can be full of anxiety when Christ is sleeping, and we are awake – worrying!

C.     You will learn things along the way if you follow Christ that you never would discover if you didn’t follow Him.

1.       You will have trouble you never would have had if you hadn’t followed Jesus.

2.       You will have victories you never would have had if you hadn’t followed Jesus.

3.       It is really good to know Jesus is near when troubles come.  It is extremely bad when we have to get right with God (get forgiveness of our sins) before we “feel” like we can pray to Him effectively.


To those that are afar off:

Acts 2:39 – The promises is to the Jews present, and to all that are afar off.

Eph. 2:17 – Christ came and preached peace to us, which were afar off.

Heb. 11:13 – Those that see the promises of God afar off will finally receive them.

II Peter 1:9 – If we don’t do the verses before, we won’t be able to see afar off and live by faith.

Rev. 18:10 – The kings of the earth stand afar off when pagan Babylon is destroyed because they are afraid her torment.

Rev. 18:15 – The merchants of the earth also stand afar off for fear of her torment.

Rev. 18:17 – All the shipmasters, and others, stand afar off for fear of her torment.