One More Night With The Frogs

Exodus 8:10


Song by the Dunaway’s - One more night with the frogs.


Why would a lost person want “One more night with the frogs”?

I.   Look at their condition.  Sin is everywhere verse 3 & 4.

II.   Can’t escape.  Where you ;walk, where you eat -

III.   Frogs caused by God because of people’s rebellion.

IV.   Under eternal condemnation - Rom. 3:10-18.  God can remove all sin from you.


Pharaoh was warned, not threatened - It's in his hands.


I.   God didn't use lions, tigers, or elephants, but frogs.

A.     God magnifies His strength, not the strength of who He uses.

1.       I Cor. 1:27-29 - User of small things.

2.       II Cor. 12:10 - When I am weak, then am I strong.

B.     That Pharaoh might be humbled - hurts our pride to be humbled by frogs!!

1.       It is not considered bad to be humbled by things that are strong.

2.       God often uses the simple things of this world to humble the proud.

3.       God uses the preaching of the gospel to bring condemnation and salvation to the lost.

C.     God "pours contempt upon those that think they're great".

D.     It would be told in all the world that Egypt was defeated by frogs!

1.       The news would travel very fast, and everyone would be amazed.

2.       The news that Egypt was defeated by frogs would certainly get everybody's attention.

3.       Rahab the harlot heard the news and repeated it to the spies sent to spy Jericho.


II.   The message doesn't change.

A.     Some might think a new message would appeal to Pharaoh better.

1.       A new message might appeal to Pharaoh, but that wouldn't change what God wants to do.

2.       He hasn't heard the first message yet, so there is no need of changing the message.

3.       The story is told of the preacher that preached the same message three times in a roll.  The people wanted to know why he did that and he told them they hadn't heard it the first time yet!

B.     Some people try to change the message of God today.

1.       The world doesn't need a watered down message, it needs the truth.

2.       Only the truth will help a people get right with God.


III.   The frog has special meaning to the Egyptian because they worship a female deity with a frog's head (that was a weird looking god, or the ugliest woman in the world!).

A.     This god is connected with nature worship in Egypt.

B.     This worship had to do with the annual flooding of the Nile.

C.     When these frogs came up, all the Egyptians would understand that there was a God greater than their god who was able to control their god.

D.     God uses the things of this world to confuse and confound the people of this world.


Verse 8 - Pharaoh only wants relief, not God.

I.   Mike Hires found relief when he told his brother he was lost.  He thought that was salvation, but it wasn’t.  It was relief because somebody else knew.

II.   Romans 10:9-15 - the whole scope of hearing and believing.


Verse 7, And the magicians did so with their enchantments, and brought up frogs upon the land of Egypt.

I.   Magicians producing frogs.

A.     Couldn't make them go away.

1.       The logic behind the magicians making more frogs was to prove they still had control of their god.

2.       As long as they could produce the same thing God produced, they would feel their god was stronger than God.

B.     Contrast God doing a miracle and these magicians doing a miracle.

1.       God did the same thing each time with a different result.  When the rod was stretched forth, God performed a different miracle each time.

2.       The magicians would have to use a different enchantment for each different miracle.

C.     Rev. 16:13 - After the blood (Rev. 16:3,4) the devil produced a likeness of frogs - the purpose is to deceive.


II.   Pharaoh fixes the time - so he will know.

A.     Why not immediately?

1.       Probably hoped they'd go away by themselves.

2.       HHHated to submit himself to God.

3.       A person untouched by God will always wait until tomorrow.

B.     Think of this to show how silly it was of Pharaoh to wait until tomorrow.

1.       It is hot summer time and at night.

2.       If you turn the lights on, the bugs will fill the house - and it doesn’t take much of a light!

3.       Your A/C is not working.

4.       You have to put your windows up.

5.       Somebody has stolen all your screens.

6.       The mosquitoes are "eating you up".

7.       Somebody offers to give you some screens and wants to know when to put them on for you.

8.       You say, "next week".

9.       You wouldn't say that would you, you would want those screens put on immediately so you could get out of the mosquitoes.

C.     A lost person will wait until tomorrow to be saved.

1.       It doesn't make any sense to keep on carrying that load of guilt and sin when you could immediately get rid of it by coming to Jesus Christ.

2.       This is simply the sinful man following his sinful nature.

D.     A saved person will continue in his sinfulness if he doesn’t yield himself completely to God.

1.       He must yield all his lustful thoughts and deeds to God.

2.       he must yield all his hopes, dreams and desires to God.

3.       Then, and only then, will God give him the desires of his heart.


III.   Why won’t a saved person live by the promises of God?

A.     Matthew 6:33 - Do you believe God will provide for your family if you put him first?

B.     By not working on Sunday, and by putting your wife and children before your job?

C.     God provided for 2,000,000 Israelites for 40 years - food, water, shelter, clothes that didn’t wear out, etc.

D.     II Peter 1:4-9 - Either accept and live by the promises of God, or be barren unfruitful, be blind, and forget the blessings of salvation.