Touching Things Offered to Idols

I Corinthians 8-11


I.    Biblical Evidence the subject of these four chapter is “touching things offered to idols. 

A.     Chapter 8 – the introduction to the subject. 

B.     Chapter 9  - Paul speaks of his authority as an apostle of God to speak on this subject, even though his ministry and life is different from the other apostles. 

1.       Paul desires the Corinthians to see more than just the external qualifications of apostleship and the things offered to idols. 

2.       Paul would do anything to further the gospel, because that is the most important of all. 

C.     Chapter 10 begins with the word “moreover”, showing Paul is still speaking on the same subject, which become more plain as he develops his thoughts in this chapter. 

1.       Verse 1-13 – Paul declares God was not well pleased with all the nation of Israel as some of them worshipped idols, and were overthrown in the wilderness. 

2.       Verse 14-15 concludes: it is very good to be wise and flee from idolatry. 

D.     Verse 16-11:2 compares the Lord’s Supper, which should be spiritually observed, with pagan festivals, which should not be observed. 

1.       Verse 16-17 speak of the Lord’s Supper. 

2.       Verse 18 – Paul declares “imputation” that those that partake of the sacrifice offered to idols are worshipping the idol, and those that partake of the Lord’s Supper are partaking of the life and death of Christ. 

3.       Verse 19 – The idol and whatever is offered to that idol, is nothing. 

4.       Verse 20 – Eating meat sacrificed to an idol (devils) is to those that offer the sacrifice the same as worshipping the idol (devils). 

5.       Verse 21 – It is scripturally impossible to eat things offered to idols and take the Lord’s Supper. 

6.       Verse 22 – God does not like it when we eat things offered to idols and partake of the Lord’s Supper. 

7.       Verse 23 – Eating things offered to idols does not make a person lost, but it does not cause unbelievers to seek Christ. 

8.       Verse 24 – Believers should seek to help all (believers and unbelievers) not satisfy themselves. 

9.       Verse 25-26 – The shambles is a meat market.  Often meat which is offered to idols is brought to such a place to be sold.  Not all the meat offered for sale in the shambles if offered to an idol.  If meat is purchased from such a place, ask no question because everything really belongs to God. 

10.   Verse 27-33 – If a believer is invited to eat, go and eat, do not ask.  If it is plainly stated the meat was offered to an idol, do not eat so as not to offend others. 

11.   11:1-2 – Paul desires the Corinthians follow him in this matter (as in all ordinances), as has already stated in I Corinthians 8. 

E.      11:3-16 – Paul gives the example of the head covering, which the Corinthians are all well aware of, to prove (once again) the difference between the pagan feasts and the Lord’s Supper: the difference between the worship of the false and the true. 

11:17-34 – Paul explains the proper way to worship in the Lord’s Supper.