The Broad Way and the Narrow Way

Matt. 7:13-14


This passage is talking about a way of life, not salvation.

1.   Look at all the topics surrounding it.

2.   This passage is talking about the whole of a persons life, not just salvation.

3.   Matt. 5:1 - Jesus preached to the multitude about how to live their lives in a right way.  This would necessarily include salvation.


I.    The manner of life.

A.  You must do something to enter into the strait gate.

1.      You are naturally in the way of destruction.

2.      You don't have to do anything to be destroyed.

B.   "Going with the flow" leads to destruction.

1.   Not necessary to "ruffle everybody's feathers" to be right.

2.   But if you find the world agreeing with you, something is wrong!

C.   The majority of people are ruining their lives, going into destruction.

1.   II Cor. 10:12,13 - Don't measure yourself with other humans.

2.      Measure yourself against the rule of God.

D.  You have to find the strait gate.  See Matt. 7:7: Ask, Seek, Knock.

1.      What is the purpose of your life?

2.   Do you read your Bible at home to find out what God says about your life?

3.   Do you pray when you don't have to?

4.      What would your children (grandchildren, parents, friends, those who are around you) say is the most important thing in your life?  Work?  Play?  Television?  Family?  Friends?  Church?

E.   Some things about the strait and broad gate.

1.      Matt. 7:15-20 - There will be false prophets (professors) among the sheep.  Look at their fruit.

2.      Matt. 7:21-23 - Some of those that have what we call fruit, are lost.  Don't follow men, follow God.

3.      Matt. 7:24-27 - The end of the broad way, or the strait gate.


II.   Salvation.

A.  If you are lost, would you come to church if your parents didn't make you? Or if they didn't expect you to?

B.   There is destruction for the lost.

1.      You must enter (have action) into the strait gate.  Jesus is the door of the sheepfold, John 10:9, "I am the door".