Numbers 7:1-89


I.    Verse 1-9 - The offering for the use of the Levites.

A.  Verse 1 - Fully set up.  These offerings were not available until they were needed.  Things work the same today.

B.   The things offered by the princes.

1.      Verse 3 - Six covered wagons and 12 oxen.  Two princes together presented a wagon and each prince gave an ox.

2.      Two wagons and four oxen went to the Gershonites.  (4:21-28 gives their part of the transporting of the Tabernacle.)

3.      Four wagons and eight oxen go to the Merarites.  (4:29-33 give their part of the transporting of the Tabernacle.)

4.   The sons of Kohath do not receive any wagons or oxen.  (Their part of transporting the Tabernacle is in 4:6,8,10,11,12,14.  The items are either carried with staves or on a bar {a type of wheelbarrow}.)

5.   God provided more help to those in most need.  He gave enough people to do the job.


II.   Verse 11-88 - The offerings of the people.

A.  All the offerings are exactly alike.

1.   All are sinners alike.

2.   All are saved alike.

3.   All serve by the same grace of God.

B.   Verse 12 - Judah goes first.

1.      Christ comes from this line.

2.      Verse 18 - Issachar.

3.      Verse 24 - Zebulun.

4.      Verse 30 - Reuben.

5.      Verse 36 - Simeon.

6.      Verse 42 - Gad.

7.      Verse 48 - Ephraim.

8.      Verse 54 - Manasseh.

9.      Verse 60 - Benjamin.

10.      Verse 66 - Dan.

11.      Verse 72 - Asher.

12.      Verse 78 - Naphtali.

C.   The order of offering is: (See Numbers chapter 2).

1.      From the east side - The camp of Judah.

a.   Judah.

b.   Issachar.

c.   Zebulun.

2.      From the south side - The camp of Reuben.

a.   Reuben.

b.   Simeon.

c.   Gad.

3.      From the west side - The camp of Ephraim.

a.   Ephraim.

b.   Manasseh.

c.   Benjamin.

4.      From the north side - The camp of Dan.

a.   Dan.

b.   Asher.

c.   Naphtali.

D.  The offering itself.

1.      One silver charger, weight 130 shekels.

2.      One silver bowl, weight 70 shekels.

3.      Both full of fine flour mingled with oil - the sufferings of Christ combined with the Holy Spirit.

4.      One golden spoon, full of incense - the prayers of saints.

5.      Burnt offering - pictures Christ dying for sinners.

a.   One young bullock.

b.   One ram.

c.   One lamb of the first year.

6.   Sin offering - One kid of the goats (In the midst of rejoicing, there is a constant reminder that we are sinners.

7.      Peace offering - They ate part of these animals on the day they offered them to the Lord.

a.   Two oxen.

b.   Five rams.

c.   Five he goats.

d.   Five lambs of the first year.

e.   Note: There was plenty to eat when they brought plenty to the Lord.


III. Total - Verse 84-88.


IV. Verse 89 - We never hear the Lord telling us to continue in service until we first do what we know to do.