Ambassadors for Christ

II Corinthians 5:20

Define – a herald, a messenger, a representative.

What would Jesus Do? (This is a good slogan, but it is being ruined by many who claim to be “Christian” but do not know how Christ. Something like what happened when Jimmy Carter used the expression “born again.” Suddenly almost everybody was “born again,” but morals didn’t improve.

Matthew 22:3,4 – God sent servants to call to the wedding.

John 1:6 – John the Baptist is the forerunner of Christ.

II Cor. 3:6 – Ministers of the Net Testament.

Mal. 2:7 – The priest is the messenger of the Lord

John 20:21 – God sent Jesus – Jesus sends us.

Acts 26:17,18 – God saved Paul and sent him to open the eyes of the blind.