Continuing The Blessings Of The Present To The Future

Deuteronomy 4:25


When time passes with the blessings of God, how are those blessings continued to the next generation?  See Deuteronomy 4.  Remember all the Old Testament is an example to us today. 

Verse 3 – Remember the past. 

Verse 6 – Remember the great nation (church).

Verse 8 – Remember the great law of obedience.

Verse 9 – Remember our personal responsibility.

Verse 10 – Remember the great assembly.

Verse 20 – Remember the past.  (If good – raised right – look where you might have been.) 

 Verse 21 – Remember the judgment of God is upon all unrighteousness, regardless of the reason or the self-justification. 

Deuteronomy 6:7-10 – When children see us doing what these verses state, they will understand the importance of worshipping God.  If our children do not see us doing what these verses state, they will believe our talk is nothing but talk, and will forsake the teachings of the Bible.  Children see more than our talk – they get our attitude – they get out motives for values more than we can ever explain, understand or pass on to them. 


When children leave our home and start their own home, we have no more control over them, but we still should have influence over them for good. 


I Kings 8:33-36 – what to do when we have sinned and suffer the chastisement of God.