The Necessities of Life

Phil. 4:19

Our greatest need is salvation.

Psalms 14:1-3 tells about total depravity.

The thing that people don’t want to see is their own sinfulness.

Modern day “victim” mentality.

Adam blamed his wife.

His wife blamed the serpent.

When things go wrong, we are all apt to blame somebody instead of recognizing our own sin and how we are causing our own problems.

Romans 6:23 - the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life.

Luke 18:9-14 - The publican went down to his house justified because he recognized his sinfulness before God while the Pharisee didn’t. The Pharisee recognized only his good works.

Luke 19:1-10 - When Zacchaeus was saved, he willingly gave up earthly possessions because he understood what was the most important. He also understood that God would take care of all of his and his families physical necessities.

The need for physical necessities.

Matt. 6:19-34 - There are certain physical necessities of this life, but we must remember that God knows about these needs. We must make sure we dedicate ourselves to God, and not to the things of this life.

There is a certain mentality going around today that says we can life with one foot in the world and the other foot in Christ. People want to hang onto their religion (with is defined as a system of worship) Some people have a religion when they need a relationship.

Tell about the Epistocial church that said they didn’t believe in God any more. They wanted to retain all the trappings of their “worship”, (stained glass windows, candles, the building, the singing, the praying) but none of this was to God.

Christ was supplied with physical necessities during his personal ministry and we will supplied with physical necessities during our time on this earth IF we do what God wants us to do. Satan tried to tempt Christ to turn the stones into bread, but He refused. There were women who traveled with Christ and supplied Him with daily necessities from their own funds.