I.   This chapter is Moses preaching to Israel, admonishing them to be faithful.

A.     He uses three chapter to give an introduction, then one chapter for the message.

B.     It is by reading this book of Deuteronomy that one learns the heart of Moses.

1.       You can see his burden for the people by what he says.

2.       He has a real burning desire for Israel to be blessed by God.

3.       He knows the only way Israel will be blessed is for them to obey God.

4.       He preaches so that Israel will know his burden for them.


II.   Verse 1-13 - Moses tells the people to obey the commandments of God.

A.     Verse 1 - If you obey, ye shall live.

B.     Verse 2 - Don't add or take away from these commandments.

1.       Verse 3-4 - Remember how God destroyed those Israelites that worshipped and served Baal-Peor.

2.       He will destroy you if you serve other gods.

3.       The reason you are alive now is because you have serve God.

C.     Verse 6-8 - The reason other nations think you are a good nation is because you keep the commands of God.

1.       Those other nations may not want to obey the commands of God, but they know there are blessings in obeying.

2.       2.      The situation is still the same today.  Many people know the commandments of God bring blessings, but they won't obey those commands because of selfish pride.      Sinners know how a saved person ought to act, but they won't act that way for they love sin.

D.     Verse 9-13 - It will be hard to stay where God wants you to stay.

1.       The Christian life is not an easy life, but it is a very rewarding life.

2.       Israel must [1]diligently[1] strive to remember.

3.       They must teach their children.

a.      They must teach with their mouth.

b.      They must teach with their lives.

4.       There must be a special remembrance of Mt.  Horeb when the law was given.

a.      Remember the fire, and thick darkness, and God speaking from the midst.

b.      Remember the words of God when He gave the commandments.


III.   Verse 14-24 - Remember these three general things.

A.     God has commanded Moses to teach the people.

B.     God revealed Himself to you, but you didn't see anything.

1.       Therefore, don't make any image to God.

2.       Remember that Egypt is an "iron furnace" where God tempered Israel for victory in the promised land.

3.       You are not supposed to look back and love Egypt, but know that God used Egypt for your good.

C.     Remember that Moses can't go into the promised land because of sin.

1.       Nobody can enter in with sin.

2.       Only obedience to God will assure you of entering in.

3.       Moses must die because he also sinned.

a.      What a lesson this is!!

b.      Moses surely says this with such conviction that Israel is forced to listen to the words of a dying man.


IV.   Verse 25-40 - Moses passionate plea to Israel for faithfulness.

A.     Verse 25 - He repeats himself in desiring Israel to teach their children.

1.       We can never leave off teaching our children and expect God's blessings.

2.       We sometimes think our children know right from wrong, but most of the time they don't understand, they have simply done what they have been told to do.

B.     Verse 26-30 - All the earth will be witness to whether or not Israel obeys God. 

1.       This is prophecy of the two times.

a.      First is prophecy of Nebuchadnezzar taking Israel captive in 606 B.  C.  Israel was in captivity for 70 years.

b.      The second prophecy is of the latter days.  This captivity began in 70 A.  D.  when Titus destroyed Jerusalem.  It continued for the next 2,000 years until 1948 when Israel was once again recognized as a nation.

2.       If Israel disobeys God, she will go into captivity of many nations, and will become a "by-word" to all the world.

3.       Verse 30 - This is talking about the time when Israel will be in Petra for fear of their lives.

a.      If they will at that time remember Egypt and how God delivered them and call out to Him, He will deliver them once again.

b.      Israel failed to understand what Moses was preaching about, but their eyes will be opened when they are in Petra.

4.       Verse 32 - If they will ask they shall receive.

5.       Verse 33-39 - The reason God led them through Egypt is so that one day in Petra, they will remember and call upon Him again.

6.       This is an example of God preparing for blessings before they were even thought of as being needed.

7.       Verse 40 - Another admonition to keep the laws of God that they might live long on the earth and be blessed by God.


V.   Verse 41-43 - The setting aside of three cities on the west side of Jordan for Cities of Refuge.

A.     These verses transports Israel back to the present time.

1.       It is always a let down to be taken from the time of future blessings to the present time of trouble and work that is to be done.

2.       In order to have those future blessings, there must be work done in the present.

B.     The names of the Cities of Refuge.

1.       Bezer, Ramoth, and Golan.

2.       These are priestly cities.

3.       The reason these cities are set aside [1]before[1] all of Israel is in the promised land is because there may be need for a place for manslayers to go [1]before[1] Israel is completely settled in the promised land.


VI.   Verse 44-49 - The introduction to chapters 1-4.