Our Source of Strength

Eph. 3:14-21

Introduction: Verse 14-15.

1. "For this cause" - Paul's earnest prayer for the believers that they might achieve the goals in verse 16-21.

2. "bow my knees" - It is good to bow the heart, and this physical bowing of the knees reveals a total giving over of the growth of the Ephesians to God.

3. "Father of our Lord Jesus Christ" - Paul is praying to the Father, through the Son, by the power of the Holy Spirit. This is the way we pray.

4. "Whole family in heaven and earth" - All the saved of the earth.

5. "That He would grant you" - The granting would be according to His grace (unmerited favor).

I. Verse 16 - Strengthened with might.

A. The starting place is to be strengthened.

B. Might or "able-ness, can do".

C. By His spirit, I John 2:27 - The Holy Spirit always teaches us.

D. Inner man - the true source of strength.

II. Verse 17 - Indwelling Christ.

A. This isn't talking about salvation, but service.

B. By faith, freely for faith is a gift of God.

III. Verse 17 - Rooted and Grounded.

A. Ps. 1:3 - We shall be like a tree planted by the Rivers of water.

1. Having an unseen source of strength.

2. Able to endure afflictions because of a personal knowledge of Christ.

B. Grounded - settled.

IV. Verse 18 - Able to comprehend. (Seize eagerly)

A. We won't be able to understand more than other saved people.

1. The "normal" Christian (as opposed to the "average" Christian) will be a growing Christian.

2. We should be able to teach others what we understand about Christ.

B. We ought to be growing up to know all about the love of God.

V. Verse 19 - Able to know. (have knowledge)

A. Not our love, but the love of Christ.

B. This love passes mental or physical knowledge, but not spiritual knowledge.

C. This is how we are filled with all the fullness of God.

1. The way to spiritual maturity is through the love of Christ.

2. It is possible to be complete in Christ while still on this earth.