And not receive better

Titus 3:8

Good Works are profitable

I. Look at how the ungodly prosper

A. Job 21:7-15 - The ungodly have all the material things one could wish for.

B. Ps. 73 - David says the ungodly have all they could possible want.

C. If all these things are so, how is it profitable for us to do good.

II. Matt. 16:24-27 - What will a man give in exchange for his soul?

A. Eccl. 11:9-12:7 - The signs of old age that come upon all of us (if we live).

B. Heb. 9:27 - Death is coming to all of us, then the judgment.

III. Matt. 19:27-30 - What about those that have given up family and friends and houses and lands?

A. God shall give them 100 fold all those things they have forsaken and eternal life.

B. Matt. 18:12 - But there are some that have forsaken things and they're of the flesh.

1. Those that say "Lord, Lord" and are not saved.

2. Those that will say, "We have preached, cast out demons, so forth:" and yet are lost and will go into destruction.

IV. Mal. 3 - Tithe and offerings.

A. We can never give up more than God will give us back.

B. Sometimes, not material things, but spiritual things.