Satanic Hindrances

I Thessalonians 2:18 – Satan hindered us


  1. This is an actual case of Satan hindering.

    1. It is not from want of will.

      1. Paul really desired to be with the Thessalonians, but Satan stood in his way.

    2. They were not prevented by the providence of God.

      1. Acts 16:6 – Paul was forbidden of the Holy Ghost to preach the word of God in Asia.

      2. Acts 16:7 – Paul desired to go to Bithynia, but the Spirit of God didn’t allow him to go.

    3. How did Satan hinder him?

      1. There is no real Bible record, but it is supposed that Satan raised such a storm of protest against the preaching of the gospel at Berea and other places that it was prudent to put off the trip to Thessalonia until a more appropriate time.

      2. It is possible that the churches Paul was with were so stormed with the opposition to the gospel that Paul didn’t think it was prudent to leave them alone.

      3. It may have been that the churches were experiencing such difficulty of doctrine and unity that Paul felt constrained to remain with them until they were stronger.

    4. Why did Satan care about Paul?

      1. Satan was more concerned with Paul than he was with Nero. Nero was already following Satan, but Paul was following Christ.

      2. Satan desired to keep Paul from the young, weak church at Thessalonia so he could perhaps destroy it.

  1. Satan has always desired to halt the work of Christ.

    1. Satan constantly tries to hinder the completeness of the personal character of individual saints.

      1. Satan tried to hinder Job, but all his efforts only reinforced Job’s confidence and trust in God.

      2. Going through the fire of Satanic trial always results in a stronger Christian if Christ is depended on, and not self.

    2. Satan desire is to hinder the emancipation of the Lord’s redeemed ones.

      1. When Moses stood before Pharaoh and cast down his rod, which became a serpent, Satan hindered by causing the magicians of Egypt to cast down their rods, which also became serpents. The story doesn’t end until the serpents of God ate up the serpents of the magicians. Satan often hinders the true gospel by sending imitators to preach another gospel.

      2. God gave a perfect example of His glory in Aaron and his sons as representative high priests.

        1. Satan interfered by using Korah, Dathan, and Abiram who also laid claim to the priesthood.

        2. Christ is the true and living way, but Satan has established many churches who claim they are the way.

      3. Joshua led the Israelites to capture the cities of Canaan, but Satan hindered by coaxing Achan to disobey the clear commands of God, causing Israel to be defeated at Ai.

        1. Churches might be much more victorious if there were no compromising sinners in their midst.

        2. Has Satan hindered our church by placing the enemies of the cross in our midst?

      4. When Ezra and Nehemiah restored the wall and temple of Jerusalem, there were always those mockers, who did everything they could do to hinder the work.

        1. When there is a revival of God’s people, there is always the work of Satan to hinder that revival.

        2. The history of the churches of the Lord Jesus Christ runs alongside the history of those “churches” that do everything they can do to hinder the truth.

  1. Indicate the many ways in which Satan has hindered us.

    1. Satan hinders those who are just coming to Christ.

      1. Satan uses the truth of God’s Word to hinder – He uses the doctrine of election to cast doubt in the hearts and minds of the lost, causing them to wonder whether or not they are one of the elect. Come to Christ, and you are one of the elect. Do not come to Christ, and you have judged yourself unworthy of everlasting life. The business of the lost is not to wonder about those things that cannot be known, but to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.

      2. Satan uses the sin against the Holy Ghost to hinder others. This is the unpardonable sin, or blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. Some lost people wonder if they have committed the unpardonable sin, but as long as they remain tender to the call of God this is impossible, because the unpardonable sin requires hardness of heart.

    2. Satan hinders Christians when they are earnest in prayer.

      1. When you are praying in earnest, often Satan puts in our mind to stop.

      2. Satan desires us to stop praying when prayer is what God calls for.

    3. Satan hinders Christians when under the promptings of the Spirit of God, or when planning any good work.

      1. Satan tells you not to witness to someone when God prompts you to witness.

      2. Satan tells you not to help missionaries when God lays it on your heart.

      3. Satan tells you not to help those unfortunate when God gives you that direction.

    4. Satan hinders when we have started the work.

      1. Satan always causes a ruckus when God’s work is going on.

      2. We should always expect Satan to start a fight when we start serving and trusting God.

    5. Satan will hinder us when we seek to unite with one another.

      1. When a church begins to get close together, Satan will be there to stop it.

      2. When Christians begin to get close to God, Satan is there to stop it.

    6. Satan will hinder our communion with Jesus Christ.

      1. When you have a time to worship God in private, Satan is always there to give you something else to do.

      2. Abraham had to chase the fowls away when God promised His blessings.

  1. There are two or three rules by which these hindrances may be detected as Satanic.

    1. Satan will not hinder a person from getting rich, or from getting famous in the world.

    2. How does Satan hinder – by the object.

      1. Satan does not want you to glorify God, so anytime you act toward glorifying God, Satan is always there to stop it.

      2. Satan always wants you to turn to sin, never to righteousness.

    3. You can tell by the method Satan uses. God always employs good methods, Satan always employs bad methods.

    4. You can tell by the nature.

      1. If what you want to do is pleasing to you, consider it to come from Satan.

      2. If the difficulty in your way is rather contrary to yourself than for yourself, then it comes from God.

    5. You can tell the hindrances of Satan by their seasons.

      1. They are Satanic is they come out of the natural course and relation of human thoughts.

        1. Natural thoughts come from one another in an orderly fashion.

        2. Satanic thoughts are those evil thoughts that come in the midst of Godly thoughts.

        3. You are praying, and an evil thought comes to you.

        4. You are worshipping and an evil thoughts comes to you.

      2. If it is difficult to discover whether a thing is of God or Satan, always ask God to clarify it for you. He won’t mind and will welcome your inquiry.

  1. When we know that Satan is hindering us, what then?

    1. Go on in the service of God.

      1. You should expect Satan to hinder you when you are serving God.

      2. Think of it as a very great thing that you are important enough in the eyes of Satan that he will attempt to hinder the work of God you are doing.

    2. Stand out against him, because you have now an opportunity of making a greater gain than you could have had had he been quiet.

      1. You will never have the victory over Satan until you engage him in battle.

      2. It is more glorious to the Christian to have victory in a hard battle than in an easy battle.

      3. It is joyful now to travel through life peaceable, but it is more joyful in eternity to have won a hard fought victory.

    3. Consider what you lose if you do not resist and overcome Satan.

      1. It is the eternal ruin of my soul.

      2. I cannot be useful for God.

      3. Christ has overcome, so we can overcome through His power.

    4. Remember, we have a promise from God that we will overcome.

      1. When it looks like Satan is winning, continue to fight the good fight of faith.

      2. Ministers, if Satan is winning in your church, continue to fight against him, trusting God to give the victory.

      3. Christian young men, when Satan hinders you in giving out tracts, and preaching on the streets, stand firm.

      4. Christian, when Satan hinders you when you are praying, continue.

      5. Lost friend, when Satan makes you doubt you will ever be saved, continue seeking the Lord, and He will be found.