Titus 2:5 – keepers at home.

Wives are primarily concerned with taking care of domestic affairs, which is a thing greatly challenged in this world today. Since the rise of feminism, women who stay at home, and are attentive to domestic affairs are looked down on. This new feminism has also greatly affected women who want to do as God commands them, as the influence of the world is in them as well as in women in the world.


Wives are to be taking care of the home and their husbands, which is their first love. Many women care more for their children than they do their husbands. This is clearly seen when the children leave home, and the wives do not know what to do with themselves. There is such a thing as the “empty-nest” syndrome, which affects women more than men. This is because men have forsaken their God-given place in the home and replaced it with work in the office, or field, or whatever their job is. When the children leave home, the still have their job to go to and occupy their minds and time. But if the wives have concentrated their efforts on the children, when they leave home, they have nothing to occupy their minds or their time. If men and women would do what God tells them to do, both would occupy their minds and time with the home, fulfilling their rightful God-given place, therefore when the children leave the nest, both husband and wife would be able to continue to fulfill the needs of each other.


While it is true that husbands need a wife, not a mother, to be their partner, it is also true that wives need to be attentive to the needs of the husband, and this is against their nature.


It is wrong for wives to feel they have all the free time in the worlds to take care of matters outside the home, when they should be taking care of matters inside the home. It is more important for the wives to take care of their own children, making sure they are fully instructed in God’s holy word, instead of traipsing all over the country, taking care of the needs of everybody else.


I know a wife and mother who is home-schooling their children, while dad is working to support the family, yet the mother goes to town every day for the noon meal. Money is tight for them, yet she continues to go to town each and every day for the noon meal. Then many times, she says she is too tired to fix the evening meal, so all three of them go out to eat. Think of this – for the noon meal, the wife is spending at least $10.00 day for the two of them to eat – that is $50.00 a week, or $200.00 each four weeks. That is enough money to buy a car if the car payment is $200.00 a month. Just a short calculation will show this family of three is spending $300.00 a month to eat out, every month. Here is a wife who is not taking care of the home fires, and a husband who is letting it happen. They are living week-to-week, and making it okay for now, but if there is an accident where the husband cannot work for a while, or if something happens to his job, they are in big financial trouble very quickly. Of course, when the wife goes to town every day, she also has to go to the store – some store – to buy something – groceries, Wal-mart, a clothing store, the shoe store, whatever. She is gone more than two hours most days, then she wonders why the house is in such a mess, the ironing isn’t done, the clothes need washed, dried and put away, and so forth.


Most homes today have automatic clothes washers, and automatic dryers, making these chores very manageable than they were in days gone by. Of course, we all have many more clothes, and change those clothes more often, than in days gone by, therefore producing mountains of wash every day.

What is a wife supposed to do all day? That is easy. Clean the house – vacuum the floor, dust the furniture, wash the clothes, dry the clothes, iron the clothes, fix meals. If the house is a mess, with piles everywhere, that is a reflection on the wife, that she is not doing what she should be doing. I know children make a mess, and don’t know how to clean anything up. They should be taught that they don’t have to play with all their toys at once. It is okay for them to play with one or two at a time, then put those up, get out some more, and play with them for a while.


You have all seen pictures of the lazy man; sitting among the grown-up grass of his yard, with litter everywhere, pealing paint on the house, with piles of junk everywhere. We agree; this man needs to clean up his yard, put some things in order and be a man. Well, the same thing applies to wives. When their houses are filled with litter, things are piled everywhere, and they are sitting around drinking sodas and watching TV, then they need to get up off their duff, turn off the TV, clean the house, and be the kind of wife God desires – a keeper of the home.


Read Proverbs 31. Here is a very capable woman, and everything she does is directed toward the benefit of her household. Some will try to say the woman is buying a field for financial gain, but they are wrong. The only reason this woman is buying the field is for the welfare of her family. Everything she does is directed toward their good, and helping them during times of difficulty, times she knows is coming. Her husband does not have to be concerned about things at home while he is away from home, working to provide a living for his family. He doesn’t have to come home and take care of a bunch of stuff his wife is supposed to be taking care of.


I remember when I was working at Farmer Home Administration a fellow-worker came in very tired. When I asked him why he was so tired, he told me his wife gave him the baby when they got home, telling him it was his job to take care of the baby at night because she took care of it all day. He wasn’t able to sleep most nights because the baby would need to be fed, and so forth. Sometimes he was up a lot at night while his wife slept. I told him that was wrong because he was making a living for his family during the day, but his wife didn’t agree with me. He was in quite a pickle. As long as the wife is not working outside the home, there is no reason at all why the husband to take care of the baby at night. It is wrong for the husband to be uncompassionate toward the wife during times of stress, but it is also wrong for the wife to expect her husband to take care of the baby every night because she takes care of the baby every day.


That the word of God be not blasphemed. The most important reason of all for the wife to be a keeper at home.

I just heard on FOX News that in China, there is a town that is established women’s rights by law – that is – a woman cannot be wrong, and a man must always listen to what his wife is saying, regardless of what she is saying. He must always do as she requires, and must always answers, “Yes dear, whatever you say dear.”

I also just heard on FOX News that PITA wants the Associated Press to change the way they refer to animals. PITA wants Associated Press to always refer to animals as “he” or “she” if the sex, or the name, of the animal is known.  There is nothing wrong with doing this, but this just shows how far our society has declined into wickedness.