Phil. 2:5-11

I. Christ died.

A. Can't comprehend: how God became a part of what He had created out of nothing!

1. How Christ came down to the earth.

2. How God Himself came into the form of a man, yet without sin.

3. How God could love us enough to go through all the things He went through.

4. Exactly how the plan of salvation works in saving sinners, but I know it does.

B. The depths of God (Christ) lowering Himself for humans. (Verse 8)

1. Found in fashion as a man.

2. Humbled Himself even farther.

3. Became obedient unto death.

4. Even the death of the cross.

C. Isaiah 53:4-9 - The extent of the sufferings Christ went through.

1. Verse 4 - He carried these sorrows and grieves for us, they belonged to us.

2. Verse 4 - Smitten of God, and afflicted.

a. Compare the physical sufferings with the spiritual sufferings.

b. Cruel mockings in the four gospels, the purple robe.

c. Beating Him with the "cat of nine tails." (The sharp pieces in the end of the leather that tore out pieces of flesh with each lick.)

d. Placing a crown of thorns on His head.

e. Nailing Him to the cross.

f. These were terrible things to go through, but Christ didn't cry out through any of them.

g. The most terrible time was when god turned His back on His only begotten Son during the three hours of darkness. This was the only time Christ cried out. "My God, My God, Why hast thou forsaken me?"

3. Verse 5 - He was wounded, bruised and chastised for us. Our peace was upon Him.

4. Verse 6 - But we have not sought Him, but gone away from Him.

5. Verse 9 - He was buried with the rich and wicked. But He arose.

II. Christ arose. Luke 24:1-7, John 20:1. (The fact of the resurrection completely refutes the New Age Religion, which is nothing but Old Age Religion, and reincarnation.)

A. He arose by his own power.

1. I Kings 17:22 - Elijah raised the widow's son by the power of God.

2. II Kings 13:21 - Elisha raised a man to life when his dead body touched the bones of Elisha.

a. Why did this happen? To show the power of the resurrection is in God, not a man.

b. I Cor. 15:35-58 - We shall be raised by the power of God.

3. John 11:43,44 - Christ raised Lazarus from the dead.

4. Matt. 16:21, 17:23 - Note the times Jesus told of his death and resurrection. Christ raised Himself from the dead, nothing stood in His way.

a. John 20:9 - The unbelieving disciples, even though they were told.

b. John 20:6,7 - The grave clothes.

1. John 11:44 - Compare with Lazarus being raised from the dead, bound head and foot with graveclothes.

2. John 20:19 - Christ left His graveclothes where they were, except the napkin for the head and came out through the graveclothes. He did not undress Himself from them, but rather His body passed through the graveclothes. Christ passed through the locked doors. (As a side thought - where did Christ get the clothes he was dressed in when he talked to Mary in the Garden? Did he steal them from somebody's wash? Or did he create them out of nothing?)

3. The Shroud of Turin is false. The Shroud shows the body entirely covered with one piece of cloth. The Bible says that Christ's body was covered with one piece and His head with another piece of cloth.

c. The stone with the kings seal on it.

1. I believe Christ went through the stone before it was rolled away by the angels.

2. The angels moved the stone, not to let Christ out, but to let the witnesses in.

3. It is very interesting to note that nobody was ever prosecuted for breaking the kings seal.

4. John 20:1 - Mary came to the tomb before daylight and the stone was already moved. Therefore Christ has already risen.

5. Those people who insist on "sunrise services" are too late. Christ actually arose on what we call Saturday night. The Jews called it the beginning of the first day of the week.

5. John 6:39,40 - We will rise from the dead.

III. Proof of the resurrection.

A. I Cor. 15:5-8 - The people that saw Christ after His resurrection.

B. Heb. 9:24-28 - Jesus is our salvation.

C. John 3:17 - The lost have a hope of salvation.

D. God will spare no sinner.

1. II Peter 2:4-7 - Note the phrase, "spare not." We won't go into all the things that God will "spare not," but note that God doesn't spare any kind of sinner or sin.

2. Luke 16:19-31 - Rich man and Lazarus - note that an individual person went to hell. This is a true story. The rich man actually lived on this earth, but he died and went to hell. This same story could be repeated many times since the rich man went to hell. It may be repeated in your life. If you are lost, you will go to hell when you die. Repent and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ today that you might be saved.