Believers - Lights in the World

Text: Phil 2:14-16

I. Do all things.

A. Without murmuring.

1. At God's providence.

2. Against one another.

3. Against the ungodly world.

B. Without disputings.

1. Not with God, for He has done nothing wrong.

2. Not with your fellow Christians, for they are fighting Satan too.

3. Not the with world, that's what they want you to do.

C. That ye may be blameless - Part II automatically follows Part I.

1. Men will blame you.

a. Daniel - We shall not find any occasion against him except that he worshipped God.

b. May this be the only thing people can say against us.

2. And harmless -

a. Not that we will not do harm, but that we cannot do harm.

b. We are like sheep, not like a wolf in sheep's clothing.

c. Our hearts are so melted by God, we cannot force ourselves to harm even our enemies.

3. The sons of God.

a. Let us never forget that we belong to the King, Jesus Christ.

b. Keep our eyes, ears, feet, and heart clean.

4. Without rebuke.

a. That men will have nothing bad to say about us.

b. They must lie in order to find something against us.

D. Matt. 5:13 - We are the salt of the earth.

1. Salt is good for:

a. Preservation (keeps from decaying)- it is saved people that keep God from destroying the world. (Refer to Abraham desiring God to spare Sodom if only 10 righteous were found there.)

b. Adds flavoring to food.

c. Too much salt clogs up your arteries.

c. Salt makes people thirsty. If you will be the kind of person God wants you to be, others will see your good works and glorify God, and desire to be more like you. Have you ever made anybody thirsty?

Now notice three things: (1) Publicity, (2) Usefulness (Practical), (3) Position.

II. There must be publicity. Christ said we are to shine as lights in the world.

A. We must avoid two extremes.

1. The secret disciple who is afraid of somebody finding him out.

2. The Pharisee who blows a trumpet before him at every good deed.

3. We must balance these two in our own conscience, before God!

B. We must make our profession public. These are done deliberately.

1. By public baptism.

2. Associate constantly with Christian people, and stay away from evil doers.

3. Personal, daily carrying about of Christian principles.

4. Speaking of Christ.

a. What we speak about is what we are thinking about.

b. Remember -- all talk is no good either, there must be actions.

C. Why should we be thus?

1. Because we are soldiers.

2. Because we are runners.

III. We must be useful.

A. We direct attention away from ourselves and toward the Lord.

1. People notice the beauty of the first star of the night.

2. People notice the beauty of the moon.

3. Nobody notices the sun even though it gives the most light.

4. We should be like the sun - People not noticing us, but enjoying what we have, Jesus.

B. If we are a light, what would we be used for?

1. Make manifest - Others can see our sinfulness, even though we are saved.

2. Guide - So we can point them to Christ, who forgave us.

3. Warning - We can warn others of approaching danger in hell.

4. Cheering - There is hope in this world, Jesus. He points to eternity.

5. Rebuking sin - A robber doesn't like a street light.

C. Is a "Christian" any good if he doesn't let his light shine?

1. He is like a light bulb that isn't turned on.

2. He is no good at all.

3. His life is wasted.

IV. The position of the light - In the midst of a crooked and perverse nation.

A. Our position is our incentive. Do not say we cannot serve where we are because:

1. Sick people need a physician.

2. Jesus put you where you are so you could be a light to people.

B. Our position is a warning to us:

1. Sinners will try to blow out our light.

2. They'll complain regardless of what we do.

C. Our position is our consolation.

1. Noah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, and Paul lived among wicked people.

2. If they received a great reward for living right, won't we also??