I'm Not THAT Lost!!

I Cor 1:18

Why is the preaching of the cross foolishness to those that perish? They have never seen themselves as really lost and in need. They do not see any need in Christ dying because they don't see themselves as needing salvation since they aren't really lost enough to need it.


1. Classroom disruptions when I was in the seventh grade at Benton Jr. High. The science teacher came to class about 25 minutes late. Our disruptions started out with the class clown acting up, and wound up with everybody throwing paper wads, paper airplanes, writing on the blackboard and getting louder and louder. We all stopped our acting up when he entered the room. I wasn't concerned whether or not he punished the other kids. I was concerned only with whether or not he was going to punish ME! A lost person ought not be concerned whether or somebody else is going to go to hell. They ought to be concerned with whether or not THEY are going!!

2. Everybody on Interstate 70 is traveling 70 MPH in a 55 MPH speed limit. You are just doing what everybody else is doing, but that doesn't make it right, or make you less guilty than anybody else. The truth is: everybody ought to get a ticket for speeding. But there aren't that many policemen available. When the policeman enters the Interstate highway, the pulse rate increases and your foot automatically let off the gas: you know you are guilty and deserve a ticket. The same thing is true concerning spiritual matters. You may be living just like everybody else, but that doesn't make you less guilty. Every sinner deserves to spend eternity in hell, away from God and His blessings. It is only when a lost person sees their guilt before God that they see the preaching of the cross isn't foolishness!

People who realized they needed Christ to be saved, yet didn't see it bad enough to want salvation.

1. When I pastored Salem Baptist Church in Willow Hill, Illinois, I was visiting and knocked on a door in that town. I told the lady who answered the door who I was, and she knew me. (It was a very small town.) I invited the lady to church, and asked her where she went to church. She informed me she didn't attend any more. I asked her if she was saved, and she confessed she wasn't. I asked her if she was lost, and she concluded that if she wasn't saved, she must be lost. I then asked her if she was going to go to hell when she died, and she laughed, and said she didn't think she was that lost!

2. Acts 24:24-25 - Felix didn't think he was lost enough to need salvation, even though he trembled at the message of Paul.

3. Acts 26:27-28 - King Agrippa believed it would be a good thing to be a "Christian", but he didn't want to be a "Christian" bad enough to leave the wicked things he had been doing.

4. Matt. 19:16-22 - The rich young ruler knew there was something lacking about him even though he had "kept the entire law". He didn't want salvation bad enough to leave his self righteousness behind. There are many people like this today.

People who realized they needed Christ to be saved, and was willing to leave everything behind to obtain salvation.

1. Luke 18:9-14 - The parable of the Pharisee and the Publican. The publican was saved because he came to Christ, admitting his worthlessness, and accepting the free gift of undeserved salvation.

2. Luke 16:23-24 - The rich man died lost, and in hell realized his need of Christ. It was too late for him.