II Timothy. 1:5

I. Bad mothers

A. Cain's wife - She followed a wicked man, leading her children in the same sin.

B. Lot's wife - Gen. 19. She looked back and became a pillar of salt. Her daughters followed in her wicked footsteps.

C. II Kings 7:26-30 - Two women who conspired to eat their sons. This is no different from women who kill their unborn babies.

D. II Kings 11:1 - Athaliah killed all the seed royal. This is her children, and grandchildren. This is no different from those women who forsake their children welfare for their own.

II. Good mothers

A. Eve, Gen. 4 - She and her husband taught Cain and Abel they were to worship God.

B. Ex. 2 - Jochebed, Moses mother. She taught him the principles of Holiness, yet never lived to see him act on them.

C. I Samuel 1 - Hannah, the mother of Samuel.

D. II Kings 11 - Jehosheba, who was not a mother but acted like one, saved Joash from Athaliah and hid him 6 years in the Lord's house.

E. Luke 1, Elizabeth and Mary - the mothers of John the Baptist and Jesus.

III. What is the difference between good and bad mothers? Christ!!