The Curse Is a Blessing

Gen. 3:14-19


I.        The curse upon the woman.

A.     Proverbs 31:28 – The virtuous woman’s children rise up and call her blessed.

B.     She was a good worker, doing what she did for the Lord’s sake. 


II.     The curse upon the man.

A.     Work causes the man to be too tired to get into trouble, and sin more. 

B.     Men continually want to work less so they can sin more! 


III.   If we yield ourselves to the curse of God we will be blessed.

A.     The person that yields themselves to God will find they are blessed.

B.     The person that yields themselves to the chastening hand of God will be blessed in God’s rebuke.

1.       When Naomi finally came back to the land of Israel, she found she was wrong to have left.

2.       She willingly accepted her sins, asked forgiveness and God blessed her with a child through Ruth.

C.     When Nebuchadnezzar took Judah captive, those that yielded themselves to him, found they were blessed of God.

1.       Those people of Israel that rebelled against Nebuchadnezzar and his authority over them, and decided to go to Egypt to escape found they were entangled with their own wickedness. 

2.       Those who submitted to God’s chastisement found peace in Babylon. 

D.     The lost person who puts themselves under the judgment of God, realizing God has the right to judge them and pronounce they are worthy of eternal destruction in the Lake of Fire will find God has forgiven them and they have eternal life.

1.       The lost person who refuses to admit that God is right and they are wrong will find themselves facing eternal destruction in hell.

2.       What will you do – admit or deny?