1. Matthew 26:29 refer to the cup Jesus used as the "Fruit of the Vine." It is true that this describes grape juice, but it must be noted that wine is also described as the "Fruit of the vine."
  2. The context of Matthew 26:17-20 is the observance of Passover. As one compares vs. 17 to 27 it stands out that Jesus took the same cup that was before Him for Passover and instituted His supper. Jewish Rabbiís and Scholars will attest to the fact that the Passover then and now calls for wine to be used.
  3. Further more one should compare Numbers 15:3-11 with Genesis 9:21. The word wine means the thing in both passages. The wine that was used in various feasts and offerings was the same kind of wine that got Noah drunk. Can you get drunk on grape juice?
  4. In I Corinthians 11:17-22 the church here was abusing the Lord's Supper. Paul said that by abusing it some had become drunk. Note the word for yourself in verse 21.
  5. In Acts 2:13 when Pentecost was come some accused the church of being drunk. Why would they make such an assumption if the first church hadn't been using wine in the observance of the Lord's Supper?
  6. FACT: The two oldest Baptist confessions of faith use the word wine to describe the fruit of the vine. Both the New Hampshire and Philadelphia Confessions say wine.
  7. FACT: Baptist almost exclusively used wine in the Lordís Supper until Prohibition in the 1920's. Should we get our ways from scripture or public opinion?
  8. FACT: Jesus turned the water into wine to show His great power. Would he have done this if there werenít some kind scriptural use for wine?
  9. FACT: When grape juice is fermented leaven is worked out. Grape juice has leaven and impurities in it. Would God tell us to use unleavened bread and then tell us to use grape juice with leaven?
  10. FACT: Paul told Timothy to use a little wine for his stomach in I Tim. 5:23. If we are to never use wine for anything, Paul sinned.
  11. FACT: The blood of Christ will never loose it power or spoil. Grape juice does spoil while wine can be kept forever. Hebrews 10:12, 7:24-27,
  12. Fact: Man takes grapes and makes grade juice but the process that makes wine is natural or God controlled. See Acts 20:28, we see God shed His own blood.

NOTE: We believe there is a proper use for wine. We are opposed to the abuse of wine. We believe the Bible to teach plainly against wine and strong drink being used as a beverage.