I. Image and Likeness of Adam -- Does not necessarily mean they "looked alike" - but speaking of their "nature".

A. Compare Genesis 5:1 and 5:3.

1. Adam made in image and likeness of God (Genesis 1:26).

a. Not with all of God's attributes - power, seeing, knowledge, etc.,

b. Sinless as God is sinless.

c. Adam would have lived forever in this physical body on this physical earth because there was no sin -- therefore no penalty (death).

d. Would have still had plenty of strength.

2. Genesis 2:16, 17 - God gave Adam one law, the breaking of which would result in death.

3. Genesis 3:1-7 - Adam broke the one law, because he followed his wife who was following Satan.

a. Spiritual death - Genesis 3:7 - knew they were naked. Died in that day (24-hour period). Verse 8, Hid from God. Verse 12 - Blamed others for their sins.

b. Physical death. Begin to die physically immediately. Nobody lived 1,000 years (II Peter 3:8). Genesis 5:27 - Methuselah lived longer than anybody else - 969 years.

B. God created male and female and called their name Adam.

1. At the very beginning, both the male (whom we call Adam) and the female (whom we call Eve) were named Adam.

a. The male and female were married, and had become one flesh.

b. The fact they were both called "Adam" teaches us that the married woman ought to take her husbands name.

2. Genesis 2:23 - When God created the female from a rib of Adam, Adam named her "woman", which means "female, together, wife", because she was taken out of Man.

3. Genesis 3:20, Adam changed woman's name to "Eve" after they sinned and after they heard and accepted the promise of a savior to come.

a. Adam looked for the promise to be fulfilled through the seed of the woman (not his seed), therefore he named her Eve, which means the mother of all living.

b. "Mother of all living" - God (the Father of all living) would send His Son (the only one who can give spiritual life) into the world - from a dying womb.

C. 5:3 - Seth born in image and likeness of his dad - Adam.

1. The result is death.

2. Genesis 5:5 - Adam lived 930 years and he died. This is the result of disobedience to God. 2:16, 17.

3. Genesis 5:8 - Seth died as a result of being born in the image and likeness of his dad---Adam.

4. Seth was not born in the image and likeness of God. He was a sinner.

5. Romans 5:12 - One man sinned and brought death upon all men.

6. I Corinthians 15:45-50 - (verse 47) - We have borne the nature of the first man (Adam, which means earthy.)

7. Phil. 2:5-11 - (verse 6) - Jesus made in the form of sinful man, yet without sin. This verse ties back to I Corinthians 15:47 showing Christ can save us.

D. All the people (probably all are saved) of Genesis 5 come to a time of death (except Noah whose death is shown in 9:29).

II. The genealogy itself

A. For a fuller explanation refer to the notebook on "Old Testament Survey". (Include a link to the 6,000 year earth)

B. These are actual years.

C. The length of these people's lives is given so we can calculate the actual age of the earth (approximately 6,000 years).

D. The ages of the Cain line are not given because they are all destroyed in the flood. That information would not aid us in Bible study.

E. It's very likely Noah carried a written record with him on the ark. At the very least, he carried it in his memory, which was passed down to his descendents until it was finally written down.

F. Adam had been dead 126 years when Noah was born.

G. All the people in Gen. 5, with the exception of Noah, could have had the opportunity to talk to Adam.

H. Enoch was translated 57 years after Adam died.

Methuselah died in the year of the flood. 1,656 years after the creation of the world.

J. Abraham was 51 years old when Noah died.

K. Genesis 12:4 - Noah had been dead 24 years when Abraham left Haran, going into the land of Canaan.

III. 5:29 - the name "Noah" means "rest".

A. Apparently it was well known that God would limit how long sin would be allowed to continue when Noah was born (6:3).

B. It was apparently well known that Noah would be the one to deliver God's people.

C. This also happened to Moses - Exodus 2:2.

D. This also happened to Christ - Luke 2:25-32.

Compare Genesis 5 genealogy with Genesis 4 genealogy

I. God knew names on both sides.

A. Lost will be judged by God just like the saved.

B. No judgment will be mixed up with anybody else.

II. Adam means (1) of the ground (2) red earth (3) earthly.

A. Name of the man Adam.

B. I Corinthians 15:45-50 - Using "Adam" to mean mankind.

III. Seth is not necessarily the 3rd son - but the one to replace Abel.

Facts from Genesis 5

I. All except Noah lived at the same time as Adam. 1056-930=126 -- Adam was dead 126 years when Noah was born.

II. No written record (probably). But all could go right back to Adam and ask him about the fall, the garden, salvation, or anything.

III. Methuselah died in 1656 after creation, the year of the flood, either:

A. Died previous to the flood (I prefer this).

B. Died in the flood.

IV. These were actual years (365 days to a year).

V. Compare 7th generation (Lamech - Genesis 4:24 and Enoch - Genesis 5:24).