Genesis 3:19

I. Burying is for God's children.

A. Genesis 3:19 – God said we came from dust and ought to return to dust, not ashes.

B. Genesis 49:30,31 - Abraham and Sarah; Isaac and Rebekah; and Jacob and Leah are all buried in the same burying place.

C. The kings of Judah and Israel were buried according to their faithful to God and His precepts. If they were faithful to God, they were buried in the place of the kings, but if they weren't faithful to God, they would be buried in another place.

II. Burning is for Satan's children, or God's children who are under the judgment of God.

A. Examples.

1. Joshua 7:25 - Achan and family burnt with fire because they were under the judgment of God.

2. I Samuel 31:12 - Saul was burnt with fire by Israelites because he was under the judgment of God.

3. II Kings 23:20 - Josiah killed false priest and burnt their bones on their own altars.

4. Amos 6:10 - People burnt are said to be in the judgment of God.

B. All sacrifices were burnt - why wasn't Jesus burnt?

1. The sacrifices were burnt because they carried the load of sin and couldn't survive God's terrible look of judgment.

2. The sacrifices came under the judgment of God.

3. Jesus wasn't burnt because He bore up under the weight of our sins - allowing a way for our salvation, to come out from under the judgment of God.

4. He was buried because it was prophesied He should be buried, not burnt.

C. Examples of God's judgment being ‘a burning up’.

1. II Peter 3:10,11 - God will burn this world with fire and it shall pass away (another word for death), because of God's judgment upon their wickedness.

2. II Thessalonians 1:8 - Flaming fire shows God's judgment upon the disobedient.

3. Hebrews 6:8 - The end of the wicked to be burned.

4. Revelation 8:8-10 - Burning mountain (kingdom) and burning star (as it were a lamp) shows the judgment of God upon all false kingdoms.

5. Revelation 18:8,9 - The burning of pagan Babylon

6. Revelation 20:14,15 - The lost are cast into a lake of fire.

III. Why is cremation gaining in popularity?

A. Most people who claim to be "Christian" don't apply the scripture to their lives anymore.

1. There are a lot of truths that have fallen by the wayside.

a. Christian dress

b. The Christian work ethic

c. Christian family - where the mother is her husband's helper, not seeking her own things

2. Most "Christians" don't really read their Bibles anymore. Their minds are on other things.

3. Most "Preachers" don't really pray and study so they can preach what God's will is. Their minds are on other things.

B. Cremation is purely economics, not from scripture.

1. California - Cremation has increased very much since the eastern religions came in, and will continue to increase as this false religion makes inroads into the "Christian" community. Much filth is distributed to the U. S. through California (Hollywood).

2. Florida - Repeat point # 1.

3. Southern parts of South East U. S. - Graves are on top of the ground because there is so much water in the ground, the caskets float to the top and must be re-buried. Cremation puts an end to this needless, and endless re-burying.

C. Cremation puts an end to endless cemeteries.

1. Population worriers are concerned that cemeteries will eventually cover the earth because they preserve the bodies in sealed caskets instead of letting the dead bodies return to the dust.

2. We are truly "Egyptian" in this practice.

3. In the days of Egyptian embalming only the very rich could afford this process.

4. All other dead bodies returned to the dust when they died.

5. Today, most people can afford a casket that doesn't allow the body to readily decay.

6. What is to be done with all these buried caskets?

IV. Objections

A. It is sometimes stated that God is fire. Scriptures:

1. God appeared to Moses in the burning bush. This was for the purpose of showing the greatness of God because the bush wasn't burnt up.

2. Revelation 1:15 - Christ is pictured as having burning feet. This shows the judgment of God.

3. God is not fire, but uses fire to explain His greatness to us.

B. Scriptures about God being fire.

1. Ezekial 1:13 - God appeared to Ezekiel with the appearance of living creatures which were burning with their glory.

2. Isaiah 6:1 - The word for Seraphims is the exact same word as fiery of Numbers 21:6,8.

C. A sign that Satan has overcome God is fire from heaven.

1. Revelation 13:13 - We must understand that God is in total control of fire. A sign of the last days is that God will gradually turn His control of fire over to Satan, who will use that miracle to fool his followers into believing he has defeated God.