Independence Baptist Church is a Fundamental, KJV, Bible preaching Church

 Independence Baptist Church
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Missionary to Rolling Hills Baptist Church
575 Old Columbia Rd
Nancy, KY 42544

Troy McGahan

Zechariah, Terra and Brother Troy

Troy Delano McGahan

103 high Point Dr

Somerset, Kentucky 42501

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Brother Troy is sponsored by
Grace Baptist Church
Clint Keith, Pastor
P. O, Box 977
Monticello KY 42633




Missionary to Australia



Frank and Cyd James

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2011 Mission Work Overview

Bro. Frank James started doing mission work in Papua New Guinea in 1993.  The James family lived in the Southern Highlands Province for five years before moving to the capital city of Port Moresby in 1998.  While in the Highlands, Bro. James encouraged and strengthened existing churches, held Bible courses for pastors, and went on trips in the bush or jungle to preach the Gospel in different villages.  He also completed an Articles of Faith and Church Covenant in the Melanesian Pidgin language.  Sis. Cyd James and their sons taught literacy, music, and tutored in other school subjects.

After moving to Port Moresby, the Lord opened the door for a new mission work to be established.  It was organized into a church in January 2004.  Brother Norman Malu was ordained to the gospel ministry and now serves as pastor.  The Lord blessed with the church being able to purchase property in the Gerehu subdivision of Port Moresby where a meeting-house and parsonage was built.  Bro. and Sis. James were also able to complete and print several more translation projects, including gospel tracts, Bible studies, hymns, “The Trail of Blood,” and a Commentary on the Book of Revelation. 

The church in Port Moresby continues to spread the Gospel within the city and has a mission point in Sogeri in Central Province.  They are also continuing to make various mission trips and to teach young pastors in the Highlands as they are able. 

At the end of 2009, Bro. and Sis. James moved to New South Wales, Australia.  They are presently working with Faith Missionary Baptist Church in Cobbitty.  Their burden is to see the gospel continue to go forth, sinners saved, the saints edified and built up in the faith, and the Lord glorified through His church. 

Gospel bulletins entitled, “Search the Scriptures,” are currently being distributed door to door throughout nearby communities.  Also Gospel articles are printed in local, weekly newspapers from time to time.

There is still an ongoing need of translation work for the brethren in Papua New Guinea that Bro. James works on as he can.  He also had the opportunity to attend a church conference in Port Moresby in December 2010 and was happy to report that all of the ministries there and in the Highlands continue to go forward.

STATEMENT OF FAITH:  Independent landmark Baptist, Doctrines of Grace, Missionary, Local Visible Church, Premillennial, Closed Communion, KJV, Genesis Account of Creation

“For of him, and through him, and to him, are all things: to who be glory for ever. Amen.” Romans 11:36



Retired Missionary to Chili

(Still a faithful and blessed warrior for God)

Eldwyne and Alice June Rogers 

Eldwyn and Alice June Rogers

28 Rogers Bros. Rd.

Wiggins, MS  39577

Ph. (601) 928-2283

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Sponsoring Church:

Ebenezer Baptist Church

Wiggins, Mississippi


Eldwyn Rogers writes in his newsletter of June, 2001:

    In August of 1945, I was home on furlough from overseas military duty, when I stood up and told the church the Lord had called me to preach God's great gospel.  After the service a number of people came around and told me, "This is an answer to your father's prayer, as he regularly prayed for God to call more laborers into His harvest."  My father had already been called on to glory for more than 8 years, at that time.  God is still answering his prayer.  He has now been gone 64 years; and over these years there are now at least 15 of his direct descendents, or those who have married into his family who have announced God's call to the ministry.  We believe there will be more as time passes on.  It is so valuable to pray.  Let us do more of it.  Please pray for our revival."


  1. Eldwyn & Alice June Rogers, missionaries for 34 years in South America...7 1/2 in Brazil, 10 in Paraguay, 17 in Chile, currently serving in prison missionary work.
  2. Wife has written several books, missionary and poetry, available from the Rogers: 28 Rogers Bro. Rd.; Wiggins, MS 39577
  3. Children:

    (1)    Michael, (wife, Deborah, 4 grown children) pastored in Arkansas, Kentucky and Colorado, resigned his last church about a year ago. Currently without a church.  Passed from this life into eternal rest, December, 2010. 

    (2)    Bonise Abley (husband Graham, one teen age daughter), Graham has pastored in Arkansas, Indiana and Texas, since losing his sight 10 years ago, has served as a Christian counsellor.

    (3)    Sharon Miller, (husband Robert, 2 daughters 13 and 11).  Robert surrendered to preach about 7 or so years ago.  Fills appointments where invited.

    (4)    Daniel (wife Cindy, 7 children 24 years down to 6 years, 1 married, 2 grandchildren), pastored in Kentucky before going to Paraguay, S. America in 1981, served there until 1992, went to Albania for 5 or 6 years, then to Mozambique, Africa for last 3 1/2 years.  Presently in U.S.  needing medical care.

    (5)    Paul, deceased at age 41.

    (6)    Sarah, ( husband Brian, 4 children, 14 years down to 4 years), pastored in California, served as missionaries to Albania for about 2 years, currently pastoring in Washington State.

(7)    Philip (wife Wendy, 2 children, 5 and 3) serving as missionary to Chile for last 8 years.


Missionaries to Mexico


Tom Montgomery and Family 

Tom Montgomery and family


Sponsored by:

Covenant Baptist Church

P. O. Box 741

500 W. College

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, 74013


Daniel Chamberlin, Pastor



Ship To Shore Regions Beyond International

Cecil and Denise Fayard
Port Ministry on the Gulf Coast
11059 Lamey Bridge Rd. Apt. 801
D'Iberville, MS 39540

Sponsored by:
Elliott Baptist Church
566 Nat G Troutt Rd.
    Elliott, Mississippi 38926
Pastor Larry Brinker



Christian Law Association

 The Christian Law Association is a "ministry of legal helps." Its purpose is to provide free legal assistance to Bible-believing churches and Christians who are experiencing legal difficulty in practicing their religious faith because of governmental regulation, intrusion, or prohibition of one form or another.

CLA provides the following services:

Ø     Free legal defense of those facing difficulties for the Biblical faith

Ø      Free legal counsel to churches and Christians for their ministries

Ø      Legal seminars for ministries to help prevent lawsuits

Ø      The Legal Alert radio program

Ø     Preaching in churches across the country

Ø      Publication of a monthly newsletter, The Legal Alert

Ø      Free consulting to local, state, and federal officials and legislators to provide maximum religions liberty

Ø      Intercessory prayer ministry for requests sent to the ministry office

Ø      Capitol prayer initiative

Ø      Estate Planning

Ø      Free legal advice for Homeschooling families