Independence Baptist Church is a Fundamental, KJV, Bible preaching Church

 Independence Baptist Church
  124 South Main Street
  Foristell, MO 63348                        636-673-2180
Here are a few links to other web sites of similar faith and practice.  Inclusion of these sites does not indicate full and complete agreement with every detail of faith and practice.  There are many variations of belief, but these variations will be minor.  We are living in the very last of the last days, a time when believers need to be united in fellowship.  This is not a time of compromise on any doctrine, but it is a time when all believers need to draw near to God, not only in doctrine, but also in love and fellowship toward God and each other.  If you see something in these sites you don't agree with, pray about it: you might be wrong and they might be right.  God is, after all, our final judge. 

Another site of Independence Baptist Church, Foristell, MO.

Wayne Reynolds, Pastor.


Pleasant Plains Baptist Church, Pleasant Plains, Illinois. 

Timothy Hille, Pastor.


First Baptist Church, Harrison, Ohio.

Ronnie Wolfe, Pastor


Richland Baptist Church, Livermore, Kentucky

Larry Ellis, Pastor


Julien Baptist Church, Gracey, Kentucky,

Christopher Page, Pastor


Sovereign Grace Baptist Church, Galena, Ohio, 


New Testament Baptist Church, Dover, Tennessee

Larry Lafferty, Pastor


Berea Baptist Church, Mantachie, Mississippi


Bryan Station Baptist Church, Lexington, Kentucky

Brent Spears, Pastor


Faith Baptist Church, Paducah, Kentucky

Jerry Asberry, Pastor


Olmstead Baptist Church, Olmstead, Kentucky

Jim Duke, Pastor  

Audio Messages: Olmstead Baptist Church Audio Files


West Milton Baptist Church, West Milton, Ohio

Christopher Horn, Pastor


Baptist History

A Ministry of James Duvall,

under the authority of Grace Baptist Church, Georgetown, KY. Pastor William J. Van Nunen, home of John Leland Baptist College, William J. Van Nunen, Dean


Grace Memorial Baptist Church, Bartlett, Tennessee

Doug Meadows, Pastor


Baptist Online

A ministry of Sovereign Grace Baptist Church of Texarkana, Texas

Philadelphia Baptist Church  Decatur, Alabama
Wm. Doyle Thomas, Pastor
Philadelphia Baptist Church : Sovereign Grace Landmark

Windsor Baptist Church  Windsor, Illinois
Windsor Baptist Church