Independence Baptist Church is a Fundamental, KJV, Bible preaching Church

 Independence Baptist Church
  124 South Main Street
  Foristell, MO 63348                        636-673-2180

MP3 Audio - Special Services

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2017 - Larry Lafferty
Streamingdownload When Jesus Called You
Streamingdownload Living on Shaky Ground
Streamingdownload We Need Powerful Churches
Streamingdownload How Beautiful Heaven Must Be
Streamingdownload Why Don't We Get Back To Work?
Streamingdownload Self-Evaluation of Your Prayer Life
Streamingdownload To Tell The Truth
Streamingdownload Let His Praises Ring
Streamingdownload Walk in the Spirit

2016 - Tom Ross
Day Services

Brother Ross handed out four handouts during the day services. 
They are:
1.  01 Major Events in Prophecy
2.  02 Major Events in Prophecy
3.  03 Differences between the Rapture and the Return of Christ
4.  04 Questions About the Rapture
Streamingdownload Major Events in Bible Prophecy - 1
Streamingdownload Major Events in Bible Prophecy - 2
Streamingdownload Major Events in Bible Prophecy - 3
Streamingdownload Major Events in Bible Prophecy - 4

Evening Services
Streamingdownload Depths of the Great Commission
Streamingdownload What is Your Life?
Streamingdownload What Makes a Good Church Member
Streamingdownload Why We Should Love God's Word
Streamingdownload Joy for the Journey

2015 - Cecil Fayard
Streamingdownload Responsibility of Man
Streamingdownload Those Without Hope
Streamingdownload Commandment 1 I Am the Lord
Streamingdownload Commandment 2 No Graven Images
Streamingdownload Commandment 3 God's Name in Vain
Streamingdownload Commandment 4 Remember the Sabbath Day
Streamingdownload Commandment 5 Honor Mom and Dad
Streamingdownload Commandment 6 Thou Shalt Not Kill
Streamingdownload Commandment 7 Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery
Streamingdownload Commandment 8 Thou Shalt Not Steal
Streamingdownload Commandment 9 Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness
Streamingdownload Commandment 10 Thou Shalt Not Covet

2014 - Tom Ross
Love to Jesus
Living in the Light of Christ Coming
Trusting God at all Times
Peace Like A River
Experiencing Eternity
       Day Services
Creation and Christianity - 1
Creation and Christianity - 2
Why Genesis is so Important
The Evils and Errors of Evolution

2013 - William Van Nunen

Streamingdownload Beware
Streamingdownload Hot Tub Religion
Streamingdownload Coming to Christ
Streamingdownload Four Lessons - Living a Christian Life
Streamingdownload There is, But There is Not
Streamingdownload Satanic Influence in this World
Streamingdownload Rejoice in the Lord

2011 - Dennis Riddick
Streamingdownload God's Great Salvation
Streamingdownload Assurance of Salvation
Streamingdownload Compassion
Streamingdownload Our Duty
Streamingdownload A Pure Mind
Streamingdownload Having a Pure Heart
Streamingdownload It Is Well With My Soul
Streamingdownload Our Appointment with God
Streamingdownload Part 1 - Psalm 1:1-6
Streamingdownload Part 2 - Psalm 40:1-17
Streamingdownload Part 3 - Psalm 73:1-12
Streamingdownload Part 4 - Psalm 29:1-11

2010 - Doug Meadows
Streamingdownload King James
Streamingdownload One Besetting sin
Streamingdownload Physical Reality of Hell
Streamingdownload Love God's Word
Streamingdownload Are You Careful and Troubled
Streamingdownload Husband Wife Relationship
Streamingdownload A Heart Was Opened
Streamingdownload Desire to be Great

2009 - Ted Tweet
Streamingdownload Seven Ones - 1 - Unity in Christ
Streamingdownload Seven Ones - 2 - Unity in Spirit
Streamingdownload Seven Ones - 3 - One Hope
Streamingdownload Seven Ones - 4 - One Lord
Streamingdownload Seven Ones - 5 - One Faith
Streamingdownload Seven Ones - 6 - One BaptismStreamingdownload Seven Ones - 7 - One God
Streamingdownload Free In Christ
Streamingdownload Is Hell a Real Place?
Streamingdownload Substitution
Streamingdownload The Lost and Our Desire for Them
Streamingdownload Why Good Men Go To Hell

 2008 - Phillip Thomas
Tabernacle - 1
StreamingdownloadTabernacle - 2
StreamingdownloadTabernacle - 3
StreamingdownloadTabernacle - 4
StreamingdownloadTabernacle - 5
StreamingdownloadConsider the Debt
Streamingdownloadour Surety
StreamingdownloadThe Spirit of Giving
StreamingdownloadWhere is the King?
StreamingdownloadThe Next Generation
StreamingdownloadThe Boy Wonder

2007 - Raymond Johnson
The Prodigal Son
StreamingdownloadBeing A Christian
StreamingdownloadEphesians 1:1-4
StreamingdownloadWill God Destroy His Enemies?
StreamingdownloadThe Placing of Sons
StreamingdownloadWhat Does God Want You To Be?
StreamingdownloadGod Quickening the Sinner
StreamingdownloadPaul's Presentation of the Gospel
StreamingdownloadResponsibility of Believers
StreamingdownloadDivine Purposes
StreamingdownloadA Family Walking With God
StreamingdownloadWorshipping While in Trouble

2006 - Doug Meadows
Come to Mt. Gerizim
StreamingdownloadChrist Died For Our Sins
StreamingdownloadTrue Revival
StreamingdownloadThe Word of God and Holiness
StreamingdownloadFive Daughters Teach a Lesson Prayer
StreamingdownloadYou Have To Get Your Feet Wet

The Biblical Model for Missions:
Streamingdownload 1 - Survey of the First Journey
Streamingdownload 2 - Survey of the Second Journey
Streamingdownload 3 - Survey of the Third Journey
Streamingdownload 4 - Notes from I and II Corinthians
Streamingdownload 5 - Trip to Rome and Odds and Ends

2005 - Tom Fortner

StreamingdownloadStanding in Your Place
StreamingdownloadThe Believers Walk
StreamingdownloadAn Acceptable Sacrifice
StreamingdownloadVictory in Midst of Trials
StreamingdownloadPeace in the Soul
StreamingdownloadCounting the Cost
StreamingdownloadPeople the Church Cannot Do WithoutStreamingdownloadWhy Jesus Died on the Cross