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Radio Broadcasts - From 2001

I was looking through these older radio broadcasts, way back in 2001, and thought you might be interested in listening to them.  They are all concerning the founding of the church of the Lord Jesus Christ - a precious subject, indeed.  Many people today believe the church was established on the Day of Pentecost, which is a little late, as Christ established his kind of church before the day of Pentecost. 

I know I am not the only pastor who believes these facts, but I am putting these on line just in case you haven't heard these truths, or you are questioning this truth. 

I am also including the outline I used to preach this series.  I trust they will be a blessing and help to you. 

Streamingdownload 7-08-01 Founding of the Church - 1
Streamingdownload 7-15-01 Founding of the Church - 2
Streamingdownload 7-22-01 Founding of the Church - 3
Streamingdownload 7-29-01 Founding of the Church - 4
Streamingdownload 8-5-01 Founding of the Church - 5

Streamingdownload 8-12-01 Calling out First Church - 1
Streamingdownload 8-19-01 Calling Out First Church - 2
Streamingdownload 8-26-01 Calling Out First Church - 3

Streamingdownload 9-2-01 Twenty Proofs the Lord's Church Established Before Pentecost - 1
Streamingdownload 9-9-01 Twenty Proofs the Lord's Church Established Before Pentecost - 2

Streamingdownload Purpose of Pentecost - 1
Streamingdownload Purpose of Pentecost - 2
Streamingdownload Purpose of Pentecost - 3
Streamingdownload Purpose of Pentecost - 4
Streamingdownload Purpose of Pentecost - 5
Streamingdownload Purpose of Pentecost - 6